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Episode 57 – A Marvel-ous Time

In this very heavy Marvel themed episode, Dennis and Kate go over their experience at WonderCon Anaheim 2014. We gush over the latest Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, Dennis’ unexpected comic book origin story, participating in our first big Marvel gathering, and more at WonderCon! Also, friend of the show Kristen “Space Invader” will be hosting at panel at LA Cosplay Con during its first year. And we are officially approved to host the One Piece Podcast panel at Fanime. Listen for more details. Episode 57 is a go! Read more


Episode 14 – WonderCon Powers…Activate!

Phew…been a while since our last update. While we were able to go to WonderCon a few weeks back, we were not able to go to all the other big conventions last week: Anime Boston, Sakura Con, Anime Matsuri, or PAX East. However, that doesn’t mean we were all mopey missing the conventions, because we’ve got quite a few of our own. We’ll recap our first ever WonderCon
experience in the latter half of the episode, but we’ve got something good for the first half. Tired of the episodes only being about conventions? Want to hear stuff about actual cosplay? Here we have our first detailed workshop: how to make Usopp’s slingshot from One Piece, or how to bend PVC pipe.
Have a listen, and give it a try yourself! If you’re willing, don’t hesitate to post your progress or ask for help.

And in case you missed it, we will be heading to Anime Central, joining a few others to help judge the Hallway Cosplay Contest. Come show off your cosplay and try to win a fabulous prize! We also have some great Fanime announcements at the end of the show, too. Episode 14 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
01:19 PVC Pipe Bending Start
04:09 1. Put sand in pipe
04:29 1a. Why there’s sand
05:10 2. Your first bend (make it small)
06:31 3. Slowly but surely, it will form
07:09 4. Evenutally, you’ll get the U-shape
07:53 5. U-shape symmetry
08:25 6. 2nd curve, perpendicular bend
09:10 7. Support the perpendicular bend
10:01 7a. Progress shot, now repeat bend
10:20 8. Bending done
11:01 9. Cut pipe to right shape
11:35 10. Drill pipe for the handle
12:03 11. Prep the handle for the pipe
12:38 12. How I secured the handle
13:33 13. Screw the handle in
13:50 14. Fill in the gaps and add add the extras
15:27 15. Paint it
16:36 16. Prep the elastic
17:45 17. Thread elastic through the slingshot
20:04 WonderCon Experiences
25:10 Masquerade 2012 (similar to Comic Con)
26:40 Are they skits or walk-ons?
29:03 Costume over performance
30:50 MORTAL KOMBAT! (Best in Show)
31:27 Optimus Prime
33:04 And the rest
34:47 Business time & Announcements!

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