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Episode 37 – Better Than the Mall

So many conventions, and not enough time. In the first part of our Easter Weekend convention coverage, here we have a recap of Wonder Con. Lots of spending, and especially lots of cosplay. There’s the return of talking about food and food trucks, along with our trek to finally experience Slaters 50/50. And we have a new segment about the things we (mostly Dennis) bought at the conveion which we’re calling Convention Haul. And it seemed that our Avatar cosplays were a big hit! Hope you enjoy then stories and the photos. And why is it that Dennis can’t say Finn? Episode 37 is a go! Read more


Episode 36 – Deal with It


Short episode today, but you’re not worried about this description. No! It’s Easter Weekend, and you’ve got conventions to attend! Well, so do we, so we got a short episode for you while we were finishing up some Wonder Con cosplay. Still, we needed a little mental break, so Kate and Dennis stopped by the Legend of Korra Fan Art Show presented by Pixel Drip. A few photos are on our Facebook page if you wanted to check them out (beware: all phone pics). And we also talk about what we’ve been working on as well. It’s an all Avatar/Korra podcast today. Episode 36 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
02:29 Legend of Korra Fan Art Show
19:29 Pre-Wonder Con Prep
24:52 Business Time

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We’ll be back next time with our Wonder Con recap, followed by an episode about Sakura Con and WCS/Anime Matsuri.