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Extra Jam 5 – Comics Everybody (65.5)

Dennis gets Adam, Garrett, and J to return for our off-topic podcast, wherein we discuss a lot of comic book TV shows and movies. We even revisit Blade II. This episode was recorded before the super big Marvel movie reveal, so a lot of the speculation has been debunked. But we still have fun with it anyway. Oh, and add a little bit of Korra talk. Then we end it with some videogames and fitness. Read more


Extra Jam 2 – Holi-dazed (Episode 53.5)

Recorded during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Dennis and Kate are joined by fellow talky buds returning for another Extra Jam episode as we go over random things, like anime, One Piece, games, movies, One Piece, TV shows, and did I mention One Piece? Head past the breakdown for all of the talking points. There are a lot. Happy 2014 folks! Read more


Episode 34 – Western Genshiken: Vendors’ Edition

In our final segment regarding Western media (for now, at least), we take a look at the business side of the equation with help from our guests Reggie, owner of Power Anime, and Amy from Viz Media. The increasing presence of Western media has a direct effect for both our guests’ business, so their opinions are quite unique for our podcast. And stick around for the end, too, as our guests are in for a surprise question lightning round involving this topic. See how many you could get! Episode 34 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:52 On the Business Side
0:10:05 Previously, on Cosplay Jam…
0:11:56 Amy’s Convention Rundown
0:15:10 Upon First Notice
0:24:52 “What’re ya buyin’?”
0:32:39 Bridging the Gap
0:36:41 “What’re ya sellin’?”
0:40:14 Thoughts on Current Trends
0:51:48 Current Enjoyments
0:55:07 Podcast Surprise
1:03:09 Business Time

Like anime goods? Visit Reggie’s store Power Anime in person if you’re in Los Angeles, at Anime Expo exhibit hall, or online at www.poweranime.com. For his latest pre-order news, check out www.facebook.com/PowerAnimeCom.

And if you anime media, head over to www.vizmedia.com for all things Viz, subscribe to Neon Alley, on PS3 and Xbox 360, and for the latest announcements and to interact with Amy, like www.facebook.com/OfficialVizMedia. (you can also follow Amy at www.twitter.com/tashigi).

See you next time at Wonder Con 2013!

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Episode 24 – Comikaze Excelsior!

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

If you thought we only went to one comic book convention, well, you’d mostly be right since most of SK Cosplay aren’t comic book fans. However! We got a recap of our trip to Comikaze, a convention only in its sophomore year, and from our experiences, seems pretty good. Join us with special guest, friend, and listener Gustavo (aka Garp Stavo Sauce) as we talk about all the good and bad of Stan Lee’s personal convention. Episode 24 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
02:25 Comikaze Impressions
04:53 Celebrity Sightings
07:04 Zombie Obstacle Course & Quidditch
11:57 Saturday Parking & Registration Fiasco
15:41 Gustavo Compares the First Two Years
17:47 Main Stage & Costume Contest
20:08 Final Comikaze Thoughts
23:10 Stan Lee Museum
25:28 Face-Off
27:21 SK’s Choice
44:36 Business Time

Like Gustavo’s cosplay? He’s got more photos at www.facebook.com/GarpStavoSauce

We’ll see you next time at Yaoi Con!

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Episode 10 – Start the Year with ALA

Welcome to our Anime Los Angeles recap episode. It’s out first
convention of the year, yet some consider it the last episode
of their convention season. Come listen to our stories about
the con including our first ever hosted panel (with thanks to
cosplayer Binkx and Jammer from the Animanga Podcast), making
fun of Aaron’s photography skills and Dennis’ skin tone,
general convention thoughts, and of course, the return of the
food talk. And if you missed them, our cosplay pictures are
back on the podcast again. Also, apologies for all the talk
about Francis’ cleavage. We’re sure those Inception sounds
aren’t just in your dreams. And watch out for that spider!
Episode 10 is a go.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Francis on Artist Alley
03:05 Costume Exhibit in Disarray
05:10 One Piece Fan Panel
07:14 ALA Growth & Parties
10:58 Yup, We’re Talking about Food Again
12:40 Why Shuttles Won’t Work
14:08 Jen’s Art Jam Experience
15:42 Final Thoughts on ALA
21:02 Fake Zoro & Timeskip Zoro
22:26 Keiji Maeda from Sengoku Basara
24:53 Darkstalkers
26:30 Fairy Tail
28:14 L.A. Kings Lolita Dress
29:55 Warhammer 40k
31:22 Madoka Group & Kyube Bench
32:40 Keith & Jen’s One Piece Bench
34:11 Goron & Midna from Legend of Zelda
35:51 Rehab Sanji
37:42 Armor Luffy from Thriller Bark Arc
40:43 Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure
42:20 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
43:41 Green Lantern Group
46:20 Business Time

And be on the lookout for a brand new segment next week.


Episode 4 – Rock the Dragon*Con

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean cosplay and conventions stop! Join Suupaa Kaizoku with our first, very special guest Diana (binkx from AC Paradise)! Today’s episode recalls our antics at Dragon*Con–what we liked, what we didn’t, all the amazing cosplay, and how Dennis completely failed at this convention. How? Well, you’ll have to listen. If you went to D*C, hope you had as much fun as we did. And if you didn’t go, hope that this gives you some incentive to go. Enjoy episode 4, Rock the Dragon*Con.

  • Introduction with a Guest! 00:00:00
  • Dragon*Con 00:00:50
  • D*C from 2 years ago 00:02:18
  • Stories & Namedrops 00:04:50
  • Out-there Cosplay 00:09:37
  • Bad Masquerade 00:11:54
  • Freezepop & Baby Shaker 00:15:54
  • Where we talk about food 00:17:55
  • Special Thanks 00:21:32
  • Dennis fails at D*C 00:24:10
  • Cosplay Pics pt 1: The Customs 00:25:30
  • Cosplay Pics pt 2: Kid Stuff, Sweets, & Marvel Heroes 00:39:03
  • Cosplay Pics pt 3: Something Famous 00:51:25
  • Til Next Time! 01:05:40
Wanna know more about Volpin? http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/
Wanna know more about God Save the Queen? http://godsavethequeenfashions.com/
Wanna know more about Ninja Sex Party? http://ninjasexparty.com/

Episode 3 – 2nd Gen Closet

You’re listening to the often delayed episode 3 of the Cosplay Jam “2nd Gen Closet.” With real life taking the reigns over podcasting, our audio quality suffered a bit due to a new attempt at recording. But at least the pictures look much better! We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane with Nisei Week from Little Tokyo a few weeks back. And adding to that, we have our first ever normal segment, Cosplay Advice. This episode goes over an intro to using what you have, or what you can easily purchase at a thrift store or general department store at a low cost…at least til the end. Don’t forget to Like us on facebook.com/skcosplay and follow us at twitter.com/skcosplay. For those heading to Dragon*Con on Labor Day weekend, have a safe trip and hope to see you there!


Update 6/6/2012–
We’ve been notified that there was a problem with this episode. It’s been reuploaded and hopefully fixed.


Episode 2 – The Goliath Known as Comic Con

Here we go! Welcome to Episode 02 of the Cosplay Jam, “The Goliath Known as Comic Con.” As you can guess the topic of today’s episode, not only will there be cosplay photos, but panels, and stories as well! For more photos, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for the galleries. Enjoy!

SK members on the podcast: Dennis, Kate, Aaron, Keith, and Francis

*spoiler* This episode can be considered PG-13 due to  vulgar word

And a special thanks to our friends from Scuttlebutt Inc. Head on over to read their webcomic or buy one of their fan badges. Wear your fandom with pride.