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Episode 67 – Lost Episode of PMX & CAScon

Look at that! We’ve unearthed this relic from the past. It’s a Cosplay Jam episode starring Kate, Dennis, and Eve talking about Veteran’s Day weekend 2014 conventions of PMX and CASCon. Won’t you listen? Won’t you? What if we told you Clark Gregg was in it? Well, he is…in an anecdote from Dennis. Episode 67 is a go! Read more


Episode 28 – Fashion is Passion at PMX

Cosplay Jam Album CoverWell, this year’s convention schedule is finally over. What a way to end it with PMX. While we’ve gone to PMX in years past, this is actually the first year more than two members of SK Cosplay gets to go. We’ve got your normal dose of con review, masquerade thoughts, and cosplay photos, but we also get some new experiences like the Fashion Show, Iron Cosplay, and Dante Bosco’s panel. You might’ve heard of him (*cough*Rufio & voice of Zuko*cough*). Join Dennis, Kate, and Aaron as we go over our final convention of the year. Episode 28 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
01:36 Cosplay News
11:36 So What Is PMX?
23:37 Masquerade Shenanigans
28:40 Surprising Sunday Panels
38:56 PMX Final Thoughts
41:48 SK’s Choice
58:15 Business Time & CONTEST!

As a thank you to our over 350 Likes on our Facebook page, we have a contest! If you have a One Piece cosplay you’re proud of, post a photo of your cosplay along with the location the photo was taken. The grand prize winner will receive a Grandline Men Franky figure along with a set of 4 Yu-Gi-Oh cards that were available to Shonen Jump Alpha subscribers. Post those photos soon. Entries will not be accepted after December 25, 2012.

We’ll see you next time at ALA!

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