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Extra Jam 5 – Comics Everybody (65.5)

Dennis gets Adam, Garrett, and J to return for our off-topic podcast, wherein we discuss a lot of comic book TV shows and movies. We even revisit Blade II. This episode was recorded before the super big Marvel movie reveal, so a lot of the speculation has been debunked. But we still have fun with it anyway. Oh, and add a little bit of Korra talk. Then we end it with some videogames and fitness. Read more


Episode 61 – AX-hausted

It’s a jam-packed episode about Anime Expo! As we enter our third year of podcasting, we reflect on what made this year’s AX one of the best ones we’ve attended in years. Kate and Dennis are joined by Diana and talk at length about Kill la Kill and One Piece having a major presence at this con, and we do get to go over a bit of Sailor Moon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the Bang Zoom open auditions, and just tons more. So hope you didn’t get sunburnt, because we don’t want you to relive those Line Con memories. Episode 61 is a go! Read more


Extra Jam 4 – One Piece AX Industry Panel (60.5)

Here’s a special Extra Jam episode while we gather our thoughts about Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con. July is super busy for us! This panel was hosted by members of Viz’s Shonen Jump, featuring the manga translator along with representatives from Funimation, Toei Animation, and Bandai Namco Games. So stay for the info, and if you can stomach it, we’ve also got the Q&A recorded, too! Be sure to check the gallery below if you are listening to the MP3 Feed. This audio was provided by our friends from Shonen Jump. Read more


Extra Jam 3 – 3D’s and Shonen Jump (54.5)

Recorded at the beginning of the year while Weekly Shonen Jump was on break, Dennis is joined by Dominic from Animanga Podcast and Diego from Dropping the X Podcast to talk about some of our favorite weekly manga titles during the 2013 publication. We’ve got things that we’ve liked, lots of rants as well, and some general catching up with each other. Hope you enjoy some banter, because this is the LONGEST episode we’ve released so far (and hopefully the last time it’ll reach nearly 4 hours in length). Enjoy this special Extra Jam episode! Read more


Extra Jam 2 – Holi-dazed (Episode 53.5)

Recorded during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Dennis and Kate are joined by fellow talky buds returning for another Extra Jam episode as we go over random things, like anime, One Piece, games, movies, One Piece, TV shows, and did I mention One Piece? Head past the breakdown for all of the talking points. There are a lot. Happy 2014 folks! Read more


Episode 50 – Big Apple, 3AM

It’s episode 50! Woohoo! Didn’t think we’d make it this far, but so happy we did. On this episode, Dennis and Kate are joined by Viz Media’s Amy as we recap our adventures at New York Comic Con. It was extra special for this convention since there was a major promotion with Ranma 1/2. We’ve got creeper and sexist stories happening at NYCC (boo), lots of fun times with awesome people (yay), and what has to be our longest conversation about food ever. Oh, and let’s throw in some One Piece adventuring, too. Because it’s been a while. Episode 50 is a go! Read more


Episode 44 – Whirlwind AttAX

Cosplay Jam episode 44

Apologies for the delay, but when life hits, it hits hard. We’ve got a two part episode about Anime Expo 2013, and what a doozy it was! Gatherings, booth work, panels, masquerade–if you weren’t there, we hope that this podcast helps you feel like you were. On this episode, we have Dennis, Kate, Aaron, and Eve discussing all those topics about AX…except masquerade. That will have to wait for next time.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:10 Feast of Fast – Food Talk
0:08:11 Anime Expo Hijinks
0:22:27 Panel Discussion
0:35:13 Registration Problems of a Summer Con
0:37:23 Booth Work
0:56:14 Any Problems?
0:58:45 Musically Inspired at AX
1:03:49 Recommending Boothing
1:07:26 Aaron’s Experience at AX
1:22:39 Business Time

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Episode 41 – Road to Fanime 2013 (Part 2)


On this episode, Dennis asks Aaron and Kate what their Fanime plans are. It’s literally right around the corner, so it’s even shorter this time. But, we get a look at more events and even more food anticipation. We haven’t even left yet! Episode 41 is a go! Read more


Episode 32 – Western Genshiken: Cosplay Edition

There’s been quite the debate going around amongst fellow con-goers recently about one topic: why is there so much Western pop-culture representation at anime conventions? At Anime Expo 2012, the Homestuck gathering counted over 1,000 gatherers. Panels about Dr. Who and My Little Pony can be attended at most conventions. Finn’s hat can be spotted more than Chopper’s hat. The cosplay community should be embracing of anyone trying to partake of this hobby, at any age, ethnicity, skill level, and fandom (as long as it’s age appropriate). Yet, now that Batman and Spider-Man are regulars at conventions with Goku and Sailor Moon, some cosplayers are in an uproar. Joining us today are Garrett from Real Otaku Gamer and Diana, aka Binkx, as we talk about the pros and cons of Western pop-culture inspired cosplay along with its future. Read more


Shonen Jump Alpha is now Weekly Shonen Jump

January 30, 2012–Shonen Jump Alpha launches for North America, bringing six very popular titles from Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump to a legal, digital format. There were two caveats with this launch: there were only six titles, and there was a two week delay from Japan. But now, the Alpha days have passed. It’s a new era for the Shonen Jump brand and Viz Media. Shonen Jump Alpha will become the new digital Weekly Shonen Jump as of January 21, 2013. Read more