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Episode 12 – Scuttlebutting Around

Join us for a very very VERY special trio of guests on this
special episode of Cosplay Jam, with Dusty and JD from
Scuttlebutt Ink and Astel, San Diego locals who have competed
as Gomu Gomu no Cosplay & Sakura Mochi. We get a great look at
masquerade competing, some cosplay origin stories, lots and
lots of fanart, working on a webcomic, and juggling cosplay +
masquerade + artist alley. Stay for the tangents of zoo trips,
thrift stores, and a few inside jokes you won’t get. Like, is
“Toddlers in Tiaras” the distant cousin to cosplay
masquerades? We were all having so much fun that I didn’t even
realize that we’re a little bit too loud. Just a little bit
excited to tell these stories. Hope you enjoy it! And don’t
forget to get yourself some Scuttlebutt Ink fan badges at your
next convention! And update your ACP profile! SECRETS~!

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Suupaa Scuttlebutt Zoo Trip
02:25 Bird Landing
04:06 JD Cosplay Origins
04:50 Dusty Cosplay Origins
05:50 SECRETS!
08:44 Grouping with Astel
10:11 Astel Cosplay Origins
11:35 Thrift Store Tips
13:05 Gomu Gomu no Masquerade
19:00 Hair Tips (Some not Helpful)
21:02 Masquerade Stress
23:33 Scuttlebutt Ink
27:06 Mahou Shonen Fight
31:45 Juggling the Artist Alley & Masquerade
35:15 Okama Sanji
37:04 Voldo & Merlin
38:04 Zoro & Paulie
40:21 One Piece Skypiea
41:40 Question 2: Dream Cosplay
43:55 Question 3: Favorite Con
45:21 Business Time
47:49 Something Special

Go to www.scuttlebuttink.com for fan badges!
Read the webcomic at www.mahoushounenfight.com
For more cosplay, check out gomugomu.org

This episode also marks the first time we will be offering our
episodes in the popular MP3 format. Unfortunately, there will
be no pictures included in the MP3 or included in an external
link. But if you just want to listen, then it’s perfect for

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