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Episode 69 – Overnight Prints

On this episode, Dennis and Kate recap the Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra art exhibit at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA. Unexpectedly, it felt like unofficial Korra-con. There were guests, people camping out, exclusive merch, scalping, and even cosplay. Was it worth the wait? You’ll have to listen to find out. Read more


Extra Jam 5 – Comics Everybody (65.5)

Dennis gets Adam, Garrett, and J to return for our off-topic podcast, wherein we discuss a lot of comic book TV shows and movies. We even revisit Blade II. This episode was recorded before the super big Marvel movie reveal, so a lot of the speculation has been debunked. But we still have fun with it anyway. Oh, and add a little bit of Korra talk. Then we end it with some videogames and fitness. Read more


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last week, Dennis and Kate were nominated to take the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. With filming help from our friend Rya, we decided to take it a diffferent level by wearing our Avatar/Korra costumes! Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to donate to the cause.

Donate here: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Episode 48 – Cosplay Outside the Con Scene

All right. It’s the last of our backlog episodes, as Kate and Dennis talk about their experiences with cosplay activities outside of conventions. And Dennis tells us how he went to a signing for the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender while wearing his Sokka cosplay at Barnes & Noble. Meanwhile, Kate talks about the 2013 Costume College (or CoCo for short) and her learning experiences taking those classes will hopefully improve her cosplay knowledge. Thanks again for your patience! Episode 48 is a go! Read more


Episode 46 – Comic Con…Deal With It

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ah yes, the infamous San Diego Comic Con. We meet again. The most popular of conventions that we attend is also the one we are afraid of the most before it starts. There’s so much prep time for it that sometimes you almost have to force yourself to have fun. Luckily, this year was not the case for us, and fun was had by all! Join Dennis and Kate as they give a quick recap of all their Avatar universe related adventures (no, not the blue cats) along with dealing with exclusives, a pirate ship adventure, and a great story that took years in the making for a friend. Episode 46 is a go! Read more


Episode 37 – Better Than the Mall

So many conventions, and not enough time. In the first part of our Easter Weekend convention coverage, here we have a recap of Wonder Con. Lots of spending, and especially lots of cosplay. There’s the return of talking about food and food trucks, along with our trek to finally experience Slaters 50/50. And we have a new segment about the things we (mostly Dennis) bought at the conveion which we’re calling Convention Haul. And it seemed that our Avatar cosplays were a big hit! Hope you enjoy then stories and the photos. And why is it that Dennis can’t say Finn? Episode 37 is a go! Read more


Episode 36 – Deal with It


Short episode today, but you’re not worried about this description. No! It’s Easter Weekend, and you’ve got conventions to attend! Well, so do we, so we got a short episode for you while we were finishing up some Wonder Con cosplay. Still, we needed a little mental break, so Kate and Dennis stopped by the Legend of Korra Fan Art Show presented by Pixel Drip. A few photos are on our Facebook page if you wanted to check them out (beware: all phone pics). And we also talk about what we’ve been working on as well. It’s an all Avatar/Korra podcast today. Episode 36 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
02:29 Legend of Korra Fan Art Show
19:29 Pre-Wonder Con Prep
24:52 Business Time

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We’ll be back next time with our Wonder Con recap, followed by an episode about Sakura Con and WCS/Anime Matsuri.


Episode 21 – Comic KHAAAAN! & Anniversary

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

It’s the (belated) one year anniversary of Cosplay Jam! On this episode, we recap our Comic Con adventures which entail a lot of…wait for it…waiting in line. Ugh. But fret not! There’s still lots of fun to be had. We went to the Community Panel, Korra Panel, Firefly Panel, played lots of video games, got some cool free stuff, and most importantly, helped promote One Piece with some free ice cream thanks to the fine folks over at Shonen Jump! So grab your decoder rings and quote the oath, because episode 21 is a go!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:31 Keith’s First Comic Con Experience
00:08:31 Keith’s Exhibit Hall Adventures
00:14:28 Other Stories from Comic Con
00:22:19 Korra Panel
00:28:08 Voice Actor Talk
00:30:54 Videogames at Comic Con
00:30:27 One Last Korra Bit
00:35:30 Firefly 10th Anniversary Reunion
00:43:35 Panels Online and Hype Trains
00:47:01 Team JUMP
00:50:27 Life Post Comic Con
01:01:50 Dennis at Dragon*Con Last Year
01:04:28 Kate & Diana at Andrew WK
01:08:54 Diversity Panels & Prism Comics
01:10:53 Final Thoughts and Cosplay Jam’s Future
01:13:44 Business Time

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for more photos of the Korra panel for you intrepid cosplayers, and please vote for what tutorial/tip you want to see next on an upcoming episode.

Special thanks to Viz Media and everyone at Team Jump, Funimation, and the fine folks at San Diego.

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Episode 17 – Man Up for Fanime

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

Man, we’ve got a giant-sized episode of Cosplay Jam for you today. Join us for our recap of Fanime, and see why it’s one of our most favorite conventions we attend. We’ve got swap meet tips, two panels we hosted, competing in Masquerade, and of course, food. Join SK members Dennis, Kate, Aaron, Francis, and Judy along with special guest Garrett as we remember Fanime. Episode 17 is a go!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:23 Road Trip
00:05:00 What is Fanime?
00:09:58 You’ve got the touch, you’ve got no power
00:13:20 What’re ya buyin’? What’re ya sellin’?
00:19:16 Francis & Artist Alley
00:26:40 It’s time for food!
00:35:25 We had panels!
00:40:37 Korra Gathering
00:43:20 Nintendo Gathering
00:45:15 One Piece Gathering
00:47:32 Break and special thanks
00:48:31 Garrett joins Masquerade talk
00:52:25 Excellent walk-ons
00:55:20 Not so faves
01:04:25 Fanime’s Masquerade crowd
01:05:40 Fave-sies: Yu-Gi-Oh skit
01:09:25 Other favorites
01:17:46 Breaking down the Ranma skit
01:26:24 It’s time for cosplay photos!
01:27:15 Korra sunglasses
01:30:31 Amon removes Servebot’s bending?
01:32:33 Journey…not the band
01:35:04 Shawdow Man from The Princess and the Frog
01:37:53 Jack Skellington
01:39:16 Kiki’s Delivery Service
01:40:38 Merida from Brave
01:43:29 Sailor Moon Transformation
01:45:27 Thor
01:47:42 Vegeta and Bulma family
01:49:50 Berserk
01:52:26 Fishmen Pirates
01:54:52 Business Time

Talking points: logistics of Transformers, haggling, pope-mobile, Western media invasion, Aaron’s incorrect names, free wi-fi, TIMESKIP!, 93.1 JACKFM, Marklar, bad ACP videos, taco cake, Mike the puppet, Sith Lord Amon, hair ribbons maybe, and resisting dirty jokes.

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And you can watch our award winning Fanime skit here: http://youtu.be/5ptx9zNASDk

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