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Episode 27 – Spooky Shopping

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BOO! Sorry for the scare, but it’s Halloween time! And as a cosplayer, Halloween is definitely our time to shine at parties and events. It’s like a cosplayer’s Christmas! And just like that holiday, there are some things you can get on sale the few days after Halloween. Join us for a very brief episode about things you can get on sale besides candy. But definitely get some candy on sale. It’s okay if you’re an adult. Episode 27 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
01:57 Fabric & Hobby Stores
05:12 Things at Halloween Stores
08:42 Universal Accessories
13:52 Decorations
16:33 Weapons
19:12 Business Time

We’ll see you next time at PMX!

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Episode 6 – In Shape Like a Pumpkin

Greetings…from beyond the grave! No, not really. But it’s Episode 6 of Cosplay Jam, “In Shape Like a Pumpkin.” This week’s episode is a short one without any pictures, but we talk about good stuff for Halloween and cosplay. Also, we talk about the NYCC/NYAF troll article from Men’s Fitness (which as of this recording has been taken down; score one for cosplayers!). And perhaps a possible contest?! WHAT? Have a listen and find out. Today’s episode features Dennis, joined by Kate and Aaron, and after a brief hiatus, the return of Keith. And as a warning, from this episode on, we are an EXPLICIT PODCAST. Swearing is involved. Enjoy!


  • Intro 00:00
  • Men’s Fitness Article 01:50
  • We See Him Trollin’ 05:25
  • Cosplay for Halloween? 10:20
  • SK’s Halloween Plans 17:39
  • Til Next Time 21:50