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Episode 64 – Dragon Con Redemption

Yup, that image is the Marriott lobby on a given night at Dragon Con. It’s SK Cosplay’s second time going and reporting, and it’s one doozy of an episode. Joined by Diana, we go over how it’s both similar and different to SDCC, along with all the crazy cosplay we got to see. Hope you enjoy the episode and the pictures. Episode 64 is a go! Read more


Episode 60 – Art, Performance, Fanime

On this episode, Francis of our own Suupaa Kaizoku Cosplay joins in to talk about his experience at this year’s Fanime Artist Alley. We also have an interview with Ben (e1n) on his second to last anime convention artist alley appearance, and he shares some advice for this looking to get into it. And lastly, Garrett comes around to not only give his thoughts on Fanime and the masquerade, but also to help interview two masquerade contestants Bro-Sis Cosplay and Tematime Cosplay. Episode 60 is a go! Read more


Episode 57 – A Marvel-ous Time

In this very heavy Marvel themed episode, Dennis and Kate go over their experience at WonderCon Anaheim 2014. We gush over the latest Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, Dennis’ unexpected comic book origin story, participating in our first big Marvel gathering, and more at WonderCon! Also, friend of the show Kristen “Space Invader” will be hosting at panel at LA Cosplay Con during its first year. And we are officially approved to host the One Piece Podcast panel at Fanime. Listen for more details. Episode 57 is a go! Read more


Episode 51 – Comikaze Invaded

Our second to last convention for the year is the fast-growing Comikaze, presented by Stan Lee and Elvira. We only went for one day, but had quite a bit of fun! Join Dennis, Kate, and special guest Kristen, aka Space Invader, as we go over the sights and sounds of this convention, with a little bit of extra input from an independent comic book publisher. Also, if you have some time (and money), why not check out Kristen’s Facebook page and Etsy store for cosplay pieces and commission information. Episode 51 is a go! Read more


Episode 50 – Big Apple, 3AM

It’s episode 50! Woohoo! Didn’t think we’d make it this far, but so happy we did. On this episode, Dennis and Kate are joined by Viz Media’s Amy as we recap our adventures at New York Comic Con. It was extra special for this convention since there was a major promotion with Ranma 1/2. We’ve got creeper and sexist stories happening at NYCC (boo), lots of fun times with awesome people (yay), and what has to be our longest conversation about food ever. Oh, and let’s throw in some One Piece adventuring, too. Because it’s been a while. Episode 50 is a go! Read more


Episode 42 – Feast or Fanime

Sorry for the delay! We’ve suffered some new technical problems that have caused a lot of surprise downtime. So please bear with the audio quality of this episode. Today, we have Dennis, Kate, Francis, and Diana as our podcast regulars, and we’re joined by returning guest Eve and new guest (and friend of the show) Adam from Crazy Crazy Rainbow Stars Cosplay. Aaron is still in the process of moving which is why we are splitting the Fanime discussion this year. This episode is all about the experiences, which were plagued by the long lines at registration which I’m sure most of you heard about and some experienced. Pre-registration and at-con registration needs some work. The completed construction will hopefully help out with the over crowded convention center. We were able to enjoy some panels and video screenings, though. So the convention wasn’t a total loss. And of course we’ll let you know all about the food choices. Find out what we felt about the convention as a whole, and come back next week for all the cosplay discussion, with a new special guest who only cosplayed for the first time ever at Fanime! Episode 42 is a go! Read more


Episode 37 – Better Than the Mall

So many conventions, and not enough time. In the first part of our Easter Weekend convention coverage, here we have a recap of Wonder Con. Lots of spending, and especially lots of cosplay. There’s the return of talking about food and food trucks, along with our trek to finally experience Slaters 50/50. And we have a new segment about the things we (mostly Dennis) bought at the conveion which we’re calling Convention Haul. And it seemed that our Avatar cosplays were a big hit! Hope you enjoy then stories and the photos. And why is it that Dennis can’t say Finn? Episode 37 is a go! Read more


Episode 33 – Western Genshiken: Fan Art Edition

It’s part 2 of our Western media and pop culture talk at anime conventions. This time we get insight from some of our favorite artist alley friends – Ben (aka e1n) and returning guests Scuttlebutt Ink. Listen as they both praise and blast the current state of artist alley, and how Western media is helping them and other succeed in selling you art at conventions. Episode 33 is a go! Read more


Episode 24 – Comikaze Excelsior!

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

If you thought we only went to one comic book convention, well, you’d mostly be right since most of SK Cosplay aren’t comic book fans. However! We got a recap of our trip to Comikaze, a convention only in its sophomore year, and from our experiences, seems pretty good. Join us with special guest, friend, and listener Gustavo (aka Garp Stavo Sauce) as we talk about all the good and bad of Stan Lee’s personal convention. Episode 24 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
02:25 Comikaze Impressions
04:53 Celebrity Sightings
07:04 Zombie Obstacle Course & Quidditch
11:57 Saturday Parking & Registration Fiasco
15:41 Gustavo Compares the First Two Years
17:47 Main Stage & Costume Contest
20:08 Final Comikaze Thoughts
23:10 Stan Lee Museum
25:28 Face-Off
27:21 SK’s Choice
44:36 Business Time

Like Gustavo’s cosplay? He’s got more photos at www.facebook.com/GarpStavoSauce

We’ll see you next time at Yaoi Con!

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Episode 17 – Man Up for Fanime

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

Man, we’ve got a giant-sized episode of Cosplay Jam for you today. Join us for our recap of Fanime, and see why it’s one of our most favorite conventions we attend. We’ve got swap meet tips, two panels we hosted, competing in Masquerade, and of course, food. Join SK members Dennis, Kate, Aaron, Francis, and Judy along with special guest Garrett as we remember Fanime. Episode 17 is a go!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:23 Road Trip
00:05:00 What is Fanime?
00:09:58 You’ve got the touch, you’ve got no power
00:13:20 What’re ya buyin’? What’re ya sellin’?
00:19:16 Francis & Artist Alley
00:26:40 It’s time for food!
00:35:25 We had panels!
00:40:37 Korra Gathering
00:43:20 Nintendo Gathering
00:45:15 One Piece Gathering
00:47:32 Break and special thanks
00:48:31 Garrett joins Masquerade talk
00:52:25 Excellent walk-ons
00:55:20 Not so faves
01:04:25 Fanime’s Masquerade crowd
01:05:40 Fave-sies: Yu-Gi-Oh skit
01:09:25 Other favorites
01:17:46 Breaking down the Ranma skit
01:26:24 It’s time for cosplay photos!
01:27:15 Korra sunglasses
01:30:31 Amon removes Servebot’s bending?
01:32:33 Journey…not the band
01:35:04 Shawdow Man from The Princess and the Frog
01:37:53 Jack Skellington
01:39:16 Kiki’s Delivery Service
01:40:38 Merida from Brave
01:43:29 Sailor Moon Transformation
01:45:27 Thor
01:47:42 Vegeta and Bulma family
01:49:50 Berserk
01:52:26 Fishmen Pirates
01:54:52 Business Time

Talking points: logistics of Transformers, haggling, pope-mobile, Western media invasion, Aaron’s incorrect names, free wi-fi, TIMESKIP!, 93.1 JACKFM, Marklar, bad ACP videos, taco cake, Mike the puppet, Sith Lord Amon, hair ribbons maybe, and resisting dirty jokes.

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