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Episode 64 – Dragon Con Redemption

Yup, that image is the Marriott lobby on a given night at Dragon Con. It’s SK Cosplay’s second time going and reporting, and it’s one doozy of an episode. Joined by Diana, we go over how it’s both similar and different to SDCC, along with all the crazy cosplay we got to see. Hope you enjoy the episode and the pictures. Episode 64 is a go! Read more


Episode 60 – Art, Performance, Fanime

On this episode, Francis of our own Suupaa Kaizoku Cosplay joins in to talk about his experience at this year’s Fanime Artist Alley. We also have an interview with Ben (e1n) on his second to last anime convention artist alley appearance, and he shares some advice for this looking to get into it. And lastly, Garrett comes around to not only give his thoughts on Fanime and the masquerade, but also to help interview two masquerade contestants Bro-Sis Cosplay and Tematime Cosplay. Episode 60 is a go! Read more


Episode 57 – A Marvel-ous Time

In this very heavy Marvel themed episode, Dennis and Kate go over their experience at WonderCon Anaheim 2014. We gush over the latest Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, Dennis’ unexpected comic book origin story, participating in our first big Marvel gathering, and more at WonderCon! Also, friend of the show Kristen “Space Invader” will be hosting at panel at LA Cosplay Con during its first year. And we are officially approved to host the One Piece Podcast panel at Fanime. Listen for more details. Episode 57 is a go! Read more


Episode 54 – Don’t Lose Your Way

Our first recording of 2014, and it’s a doozy. On this episode, Kate and Dennis are joined by Caitlin and Julia of We’re Not Twins Cosplay to discuss all things Anime Los Angeles. Since everyone on this episode is a staff member, there is some biased opinion going around, but you can still get their impressions of the attendees and all the activities held at the convention. And in case you missed it, head past the jump to go to our Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest. Episode 54 is a go! Read more


Episode 52 – Para Para PMX

Happy Holidays everyone! The end of the year is almost here, and we’ve got one of our last episodes talking about our last convention this year: PMX (sometimes known as Pacific Media Expo). We have Eve joining Kate and Dennis on this episode, and she’ll tell us tales of masquerade judging. See if PMX is a convention you should attend or be interested in attending. And we’ve also got the weirdest food segment ever on this one. Episode 52 is a go! Read more


Episode 51 – Comikaze Invaded

Our second to last convention for the year is the fast-growing Comikaze, presented by Stan Lee and Elvira. We only went for one day, but had quite a bit of fun! Join Dennis, Kate, and special guest Kristen, aka Space Invader, as we go over the sights and sounds of this convention, with a little bit of extra input from an independent comic book publisher. Also, if you have some time (and money), why not check out Kristen’s Facebook page and Etsy store for cosplay pieces and commission information. Episode 51 is a go! Read more


Episode 50 – Big Apple, 3AM

It’s episode 50! Woohoo! Didn’t think we’d make it this far, but so happy we did. On this episode, Dennis and Kate are joined by Viz Media’s Amy as we recap our adventures at New York Comic Con. It was extra special for this convention since there was a major promotion with Ranma 1/2. We’ve got creeper and sexist stories happening at NYCC (boo), lots of fun times with awesome people (yay), and what has to be our longest conversation about food ever. Oh, and let’s throw in some One Piece adventuring, too. Because it’s been a while. Episode 50 is a go! Read more


Episode 47 – A New Challenger Approaches

Gamashura Ouendan

You’ve read Kate’s thoughts, now you can hear them with more insight. Kate and Dennis talk about their trip to the Santa Clara Convention Center for the inaugural Japan Expo USA. Things don’t always go as planned at conventions, no matter how hard you prep for them. And that’s even more true for us who have gone to a lot of conventions. There’s the worry about the quality of having a double masquerade, the impressive guest list, the sparse programming, and the weird autograph session restrictions. There is some good to be found here, though, including free parking! So come have a listen, and share your thoughts on our Facebook page. Episode 47 is a go! Read more


Japan Expo Impressions

Looking back on the recent Japan Expo, it was disappointing. I’m surprised, too. I was really looking forward to it. On paper, it sounded great–organized by former Otakon staff and the people who run the huge Japan Expo convention in France, a first year con with prestigious guests, and a solid challenge to both Anime Expo and Fanime, both of which had some problems this year. Japan Expo seemed to be in good position to offer a fun alternative to the two largest anime events in California. Read more

Episode 40 – Road to Fanime 2013 (Part 1)


Fanime is almost upon us. So, we’re gonna catch up with some of our crew and find out what they’re up to. On today’s episode, Francis and Dennis discuss their plans and more. Dennis has his three costumes lined up, while Francis is hurriedly prepping more things for artist alley. It’s a short but sweet episode today. Episode 40 is a go! Read more