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Fanime Preparation and Panels

Good news everyone! We have just been approved for a panel. Dennis and Kate will be representing the Unofficial One Piece Podcast and host the One Piece Podcast Panel. Our panel is on Saturday, at 6pm, in Panel Room 4 at the Fairmont. Come talk One Piece with us, for fabulous prizes, insights, discussions, and maybe a surprise or two! We’re also looking to have the audio from this panel recorded for the podcast, so you might just hear yourselves online in the near future.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for the convention as well, with some new cosplay along with re-wearing or modifiying some existing ones. We’ve got One Piece, Naruto, and Log Horizon cosplay in the works to hopefully represent our fandoms for this convention. So it’s back to construction for us. See you at Fanime!

Japan Expo Impressions

Looking back on the recent Japan Expo, it was disappointing. I’m surprised, too. I was really looking forward to it. On paper, it sounded great–organized by former Otakon staff and the people who run the huge Japan Expo convention in France, a first year con with prestigious guests, and a solid challenge to both Anime Expo and Fanime, both of which had some problems this year. Japan Expo seemed to be in good position to offer a fun alternative to the two largest anime events in California. Read more

Fanime 2013 Impressions

Hi folks. Dennis here with some early initial impressions regarding Fanime this past weekend. It was five days (if you count Day Zero) of fun and exhaustion. Yeah, those two words perfectly describe our experiences at Fanime. However, it wasn’t as smooth sailing as we’d like it to be.

In terms of attendees, the ones you see and meet at Fanime are some of the best you can meet at a California convention. Friendly, outgoing, excited, diverse, and passionate–you’ll find many people you can get along with or strike a conversation with very easily. And attendance has shot through the roof! When I first began attending this convention, their totals were around the 10,000 attendee mark. And this year, they’re at an estimated 20,000 plus! Read more

Suupaa Kaizoku at Yaoi Con 2012

Hey there, folks! Our next convnetion we’re attending is Yaoi Con at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach. It’s an 18+ convention due to the mature content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! We are hosting two panels: “Surviving Masquerade” on Sunday at 11am and “Let’s Start a Podcast” on Sunday at 2pm. And speaking of masquerade, we’re also guest judges! The lovely folks from Viz Media donated some amazing prizes, so if you’re going and competing, best of luck to you!

And if you aren’t in the area but are heading to New York, stop by New York Comic Con and visit our friends from Viz, Shonen Jump, and the One Piece Podcast!

Anime Central 2012

Sorry folks, but it doesn’t look like that there will be Shonen Jump Alpha impressions this week due to getting ready for Anime Central this year. Don’t forget to come and compete in the Hallway Costume Contest for some fabulous prizes, and we hope to see you at either the Fairy Tail gathering on Friday or the One Piece gathering on Saturday. Good luck to all would-be contestants and to those participating in the masquerade. Expect a full recap with hopefully some good stories in the next episode of Cosplay Jam. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page for photos, and follow us on Twitter for random updates from the convention. Stay SUUPAA!