The Crew

Current Members of Suupaa Kaizoku:

Keith “Synphol” – The captain and founder of Suupaa Kaizoku. Keith is one of the most experimental cosplayers of our group. Whether it’s fabric, armor, casting, or props, Keith has both the will and the way to bring his elaborate ideas to life. And between videogames and anime, he’s never far from another creative cosplay. Favorite One Piece character to cosplay: Roronoa Zoro.

Kate “Iroha” – The vice-captain and head seamstress. Kate is a self-taught cosplayer and essentially taught the entire group how to use the sewing machine. But don’t let the “seamstress” title fool you, because she’s also excellent at making props and accessories. Kate is also the co-host of Cosplay Jam, our cosplay podcast. Favorite One Piece character to cosplay: Monkey D. Luffy.

Dennis “Ichnob” – The screen accuracy authority and voice of Suupaa Kaizoku. When it comes to details, Dennis keeps a close eye on it, sometimes too close. Much like his favorite One Piece character, he enjoys tinkering in different aspects of cosplay at various times, such as leather, plastics, and wood. Dennis is also the main host and editor of Cosplay Jam, our cosplay podcast. Favorite One Piece character to cosplay: Usopp

Fritz “NDmion” – The arms master. Fritz is literally our weapons expert. Swords, axes, shields, guns, and even armor — Fritz has had his hand in helping bring these props to life. Though he primarily creates weapons through woodworking, Fritz is also well versed in sculpting with clay and resin casting. And if you remember the One Piece boats and the waver we created, Fritz came up with the designs.

Francis “Passbyguy” – Leatherworker and blacksmith. When he’s not drumming for The Dirty Bandits, Francis is an artisan crafter when it comes to working with leather and metal for even more than just your typical steampunk gear. While his goggles are a staple at his artist alley tables, there are further intricacies such as pouches, gauntlets, masks, and his always popular monoggle (monocle goggle). Don’t forget to speak with a British accent while trying it on!

Aaron “SonSpyro” – The resident photographer. If there’s an award for most improved cosplayer of the group, it would have to go to Aaron. Starting off by not even knowing how to sew, Aaron has vastly grown into his own with his notable cosplays of Alvida and Bepo from One Piece. Even with more focus on improving his photography, Aaron’s cosplay growth is a great inspiration to the group and his friends. Aaron is also a regular on Cosplay Jam, providing convention coverage and analysis through photos.

Close Friends and Supporters:

Diana “binkx” – Cosplayer extraordinaire, frequent collaborator, and podcast contributor. Diana has won multiple awards for her cosplay and is one of the hardest working cosplayers we know. Both a competitor and judge, she has a keen eye on what makes a cosplay great along with still learning new things to help her and her friends improve. She has also been such a frequent guest on Cosplay Jam that she’s now a full fledged cast member of the podcast. Member of Bejitaballz Cosplay.

Eve “Eveil” – Another friend of the group and podcast contributor. Eve not only has the experience of cosplaying and competing, but she also has the experience of both judging AND putting together masquerade competitions. Her insight on staffing and visiting various conventions gives her a much more varied outlook on the cosplay scene. Similar to Diana, she has been such a frequent guest on Cosplay Jam that she’s now a full fledged member of the podcast.

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