Episode 66 – Follow the Stars

Let’s face it, comic books are ruling the world. In the aftermath of the Marvel movie blitz, Dennis, Kate, and Diana are joined by Mel aka Windofthestars Cosplay to talk about Comikaze. We’ve got the Geek Fashion Show on Friday, trick or treating at Comikaze, Mel’s experience selling cosplay prints, personal favorite segment Five Questions, and all the Comikaze goings on, especially with John Barrowman…who is not on this podcast. Oh, and we even have a fondly remembering Naruto segment, too. Friendly reminder if you download the enhanced AAC podcast, listen for the picture capture sound for a change of photos. If you have the MP3 file, follow along with the episode picture gallery below. Episode 66 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:30 The SK Naruto Sendoff
0:06:53 Comikaze Halloween & Fashion Show
0:26:27 With Windofthestars Cosplay
1:00:21 Five Questions
1:15:50 Thank You to Mel “Windofthestars”
1:20:28 SK Cosplay @ Comikaze
1:40:23 An Afternoon of John Barrowman
1:48:18 Cruising the Halls
1:53:48 Costume Contest & Final Thoughts
2:04:27 Business Time

Photos from Geek Fashion Show were used with permission from G33k-hq. For more photos, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/G33KHQ

Photos of Windofthestars were used with permission from her website and credited to the photographers. You can find more of Mel at various social media sites and her blog: www.facebook.com/windofthestars || www.twitter.com/windofthestars || www.instagram.com/windofthestars // www.acparadise.com/loves/windofthestars || www.windofthestars.com

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Tune in next time for Comikaze and CAScon!


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