Episode 64 – Dragon Con Redemption

Yup, that image is the Marriott lobby on a given night at Dragon Con. It’s SK Cosplay’s second time going and reporting, and it’s one doozy of an episode. Joined by Diana, we go over how it’s both similar and different to SDCC, along with all the crazy cosplay we got to see. Hope you enjoy the episode and the pictures. Episode 64 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:44 Dragon Con 2014
0:10:46 Day 0, Hotels &Ticketing
0:29:06 Friday, SK Cosplay Arrives
0:45:52 Friday Night Costume Contest
0:59:42 Saturday, Parade Day & Walk of Fame
1:22:24 Saturday, Gatherings & Doing the Thing
1:39:20 Sunday, Shopping & More of the Same
2:10:34 Monday, Waffle House & Farewell

Talking points: hotel insight, Trader Vic’s, too many costumes, bigger anime presence, Sailor Moon, Meatloaf, Parades, Mass Effect, DCTV, Sci-Fi Janitors, Walk of Fame autographs, Superhero Costuming Forum, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Legend of Korra, artist alley, Black Phoenix Alchemy, Arrow, James Gunn, Indiana Jones, Waffle House

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