Episode 61 – AX-hausted

It’s a jam-packed episode about Anime Expo! As we enter our third year of podcasting, we reflect on what made this year’s AX one of the best ones we’ve attended in years. Kate and Dennis are joined by Diana and talk at length about Kill la Kill and One Piece having a major presence at this con, and we do get to go over a bit of Sailor Moon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the Bang Zoom open auditions, and just tons more. So hope you didn’t get sunburnt, because we don’t want you to relive those Line Con memories. Episode 61 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:15 Kill la Kill at Anime Expo
0:21:01 Non-KLK Trigger Panel
0:26:45 Kill la Kill Ticketed Event
0:41:21 The Rest of the KLK AX Events
1:00:50 One Piece at Anime Expo
1:23:42 AX Masquerade at Length
2:01:45 AX-cetera
2:16:35 Final AX Thoughts
2:26:46 Business Time

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*Podcast title image taken by Kiyoko, posted with permission from both her and Diana.


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