Episode 60 – Art, Performance, Fanime

On this episode, Francis of our own Suupaa Kaizoku Cosplay joins in to talk about his experience at this year’s Fanime Artist Alley. We also have an interview with Ben (e1n) on his second to last anime convention artist alley appearance, and he shares some advice for this looking to get into it. And lastly, Garrett comes around to not only give his thoughts on Fanime and the masquerade, but also to help interview two masquerade contestants Bro-Sis Cosplay and Tematime Cosplay. Episode 60 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:55 This Year’s Artist Alley
0:20:12 Leather Commissions by Francis
0:23:23 e1n at Fanime
0:33:02 Garrett Talks Fanime Masquerade
0:46:55 Bro-Sis Cosplay
0:49:09 Naruto, Once More
0:51:52 Tematime Cosplay
1:01:10 Garrett’s Fanime Impressions
1:07:32 Business Time

Congrats to Garrett on his Toriko Food Item submission! Hope we’ll see it in the manga soon.


Masquerade videos filmed by ACParadise:

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