Episode 58 – Always Room for Green Jello

On this episode of Cosplay Jam, we are proud to have World Cosplay Summit 2014 Team USA Green Jello Cosplay joining Dennis, Kate, and Eve. We’ll talk about Anime Central, competing in WCS over the years, tips for those interested in trying out, and of course, getting to know them. We’ve also got a little bit of food talk, the Sailor Moon license rescue, and hopes for what lies ahead in Japan. Episode 58 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:43 Meet Green Jello Cosplay, Team USA
0:15:25 Their First ACen Trip
0:35:34 Sailor Moon at ACen
0:41:03 WCS 2014 Finals
1:24:47 Five Questions
1:42:08 Business Time

All images on this post were used with permission and can be found on the WCS Team USA Facebook page along with the Green Jello Cosplay Facebook page.

For Green Jello Cosplay–
Group Page: www.facebook.com/GreenJelloCosplay || Elrowiel FB page: www.facebook.com/GarnetRunestar || Pannon FB Page: www.facebook.com/Pannonator || ACP Names: Elrowiel and Pannon || deviantART: pan-pan and elrowiel || Cosplay.com names: pan-pan and garnet runestar

WCS Info:
Website: www.wcsus.com || WCS ACen coverage and galleries: www.facebook.com/wcsprelimsus || Official Social Media for Japan competition: www.facebook.com/WCSTeamUSA & www.twitter.com/WCS_TEAM_USA || Questions and Registration: info@wcsus.com & contracts@wcsus.com

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