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Episode 56 – A Thousand Words

On this episode of Cosplay Jam, Dennis, Kate, and Aaron are joined by Daniel “Sojians” and Boon from When Was This Taken Photography. It’s spring, and there’s plenty of photoshoot opportunities outside of conventions. We talk about locations, go in-depth with gear, and take a look at their photography process. Episode 56 is a go! Read more


Fanime Preparation and Panels

Good news everyone! We have just been approved for a panel. Dennis and Kate will be representing the Unofficial One Piece Podcast and host the One Piece Podcast Panel. Our panel is on Saturday, at 6pm, in Panel Room 4 at the Fairmont. Come talk One Piece with us, for fabulous prizes, insights, discussions, and maybe a surprise or two! We’re also looking to have the audio from this panel recorded for the podcast, so you might just hear yourselves online in the near future.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for the convention as well, with some new cosplay along with re-wearing or modifiying some existing ones. We’ve got One Piece, Naruto, and Log Horizon cosplay in the works to hopefully represent our fandoms for this convention. So it’s back to construction for us. See you at Fanime!