Episode 55 – ALA Green Room Chat

February was a surprisingly busy month, and we didn’t even attend any conventions! We’ve got some cosplay and convention news from both US coasts. And Kate and Dennis finally have the interviews from this year’s ALA to present. Unfortunately, due to learning some new tech, half of the interviews were corrupted and unusable. Apologies to those that were interviewed yet are not on this episode. Hopefully, we’ll get to do more in the future. Episode 55 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
01:14 Cosplay News
16:02 Tiger & Bunny Cosplay Contest
17:40 ALA Masquerade Interview Prelude
18:24 Ninja Dragon Riders Interview
23:57 Scarlet Devil Interview
26:57 We’re Not Twins Cosplay Interview
31:21 Epic Nurse Jeriko Interview
33:46 The Hun Interview
39:18 Business Time

ALA skit YouTube Links —
#27 – Everything I Ever Wanted (Ninja Dragon Rider): http://youtu.be/wW_pfCj-Hq4
#26 – The Scarlet Devil: http://youtu.be/msyDqt8tVLs
#15 – We’re Really Free-king Sorry (We’re Not Twins Cosplay): http://youtu.be/Kd21j21eYu8
#10 – The Fall of Wall Maria (Epic Nurse Jeriko): http://youtu.be/neJrS2kqVM0
#23 – The Hun (Lucas Kahn): http://youtu.be/x-pSt8srIQc
#24 – Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.14 Heart of the Pilots: http://youtu.be/zKmSf1iU0YU

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