Extra Jam 3 – 3D’s and Shonen Jump (54.5)

Recorded at the beginning of the year while Weekly Shonen Jump was on break, Dennis is joined by Dominic from Animanga Podcast and Diego from Dropping the X Podcast to talk about some of our favorite weekly manga titles during the 2013 publication. We’ve got things that we’ve liked, lots of rants as well, and some general catching up with each other. Hope you enjoy some banter, because this is the LONGEST episode we’ve released so far (and hopefully the last time it’ll reach nearly 4 hours in length). Enjoy this special Extra Jam episode!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:30 Catching up with Dominic
0:09:30 Looking Back at Shonen Jump Simultaneous
0:14:59 2013 Debuts
0:33:49 World Trigger
0:40:57 Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration
0:44:58 One Piece
0:55:37 Toriko
1:08:49 Nisekoi
1:22:31 Thanks to Dominic from Animanga Podcast
1:25:21 With Diego from Dropping the X Podcast
1:45:41 Some Shonen Jump Stats
1:56:13 Cross Manage & Series Cancellations
2:31:15 Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
2:37:07 Seraph of the End
2:40:18 World Trigger
2:45:57 Dragonball Z
2:47:16 Bleach
3:03:19 Naruto
3:43:58 Wrapping It Up
3:47:42 Thanks to Diego from Dropping the X Podcast

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