Episode 54 – Don’t Lose Your Way

Our first recording of 2014, and it’s a doozy. On this episode, Kate and Dennis are joined by Caitlin and Julia of We’re Not Twins Cosplay to discuss all things Anime Los Angeles. Since everyone on this episode is a staff member, there is some biased opinion going around, but you can still get their impressions of the attendees and all the activities held at the convention. And in case you missed it, head past the jump to go to our Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest. Episode 54 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:05 Missing Otakon Vegas
0:07:05 Meet We’re Not Twins Cosplay
0:17:23 Anime Los Angeles 10
0:34:28 SK Cosplay’s Pre-con Woes
0:39:33 Poolisde Perils
0:41:22 Things We Enjoyed
1:00:24 Embarrassing Story Time
1:03:22 Feelings on the Con
1:10:48 Masquerade
1:31:01 ALA Final Thoughts
1:34:20 Five Questions
2:02:46 Business Time

You can find more info about We’re Not Twins Cosplay on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/werenottwins. And for more photos along with their many masquerade performances, check out their ACP Profiles: Serey-chan & Pretty Sammy.

Cover image provided by When Was This Taken? (Photography) @ www.facebook.com/whenwasthistaken

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And don’t forget to enter our Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest to win a copy of the first movie on DVD or bluray!


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