Episode 51 – Comikaze Invaded

Our second to last convention for the year is the fast-growing Comikaze, presented by Stan Lee and Elvira. We only went for one day, but had quite a bit of fun! Join Dennis, Kate, and special guest Kristen, aka Space Invader, as we go over the sights and sounds of this convention, with a little bit of extra input from an independent comic book publisher. Also, if you have some time (and money), why not check out Kristen’s Facebook page and Etsy store for cosplay pieces and commission information. Episode 51 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:48 News and Updates
0:08:24 Meet Space Invader
0:12:34 Comikaze 2013
0:33:57 Comikaze’s Purpose?
0:42:04 Expectations
0:47:22 Costume Contest
1:07:35 A Vendor’s Problem
1:16:14 Final Thoughts
1:19:26 Five Questions
1:30:52 Business Time

You can find more info about Kristen here–
Fan Page: www.facebook.com/spaceinvadercos
Sailor Moon Cuffs: www.etsy.com/listing/90099517/sailor-galaxia-brass-swarovski-cuffs-for
ACP: www.acparadise.com/loves/space_invader

To read the full article about an independent comic book publisher’s troubles with Comikaze, follow this link: www.the19xx.com/bookthree/comikaze-pop-culture-convention-2013-review/

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