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Episode 49 – We Can Be Heroes

New podcast setup, and brand new topic. On this episode, Dennis, Kate, and Aaron go over the SyFy reality show Heroes of Cosplay. Yes, there were some missteps along the way, but there are some things that are real, relatable, and actually good. We go over the cosplayer roles, faults of the show, and hopes for season 2. We also have a good opinion piece on how we could rework the show, and maybe for the better. Have a listen, and give your own input, too.

And don’t forget, check out the PBS documentary Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity, which can be found online, too. Episode 49 is a go! Read more


Episode 48 – Cosplay Outside the Con Scene

All right. It’s the last of our backlog episodes, as Kate and Dennis talk about their experiences with cosplay activities outside of conventions. And Dennis tells us how he went to a signing for the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender while wearing his Sokka cosplay at Barnes & Noble. Meanwhile, Kate talks about the 2013 Costume College (or CoCo for short) and her learning experiences taking those classes will hopefully improve her cosplay knowledge. Thanks again for your patience! Episode 48 is a go! Read more


Episode 47 – A New Challenger Approaches

Gamashura Ouendan

You’ve read Kate’s thoughts, now you can hear them with more insight. Kate and Dennis talk about their trip to the Santa Clara Convention Center for the inaugural Japan Expo USA. Things don’t always go as planned at conventions, no matter how hard you prep for them. And that’s even more true for us who have gone to a lot of conventions. There’s the worry about the quality of having a double masquerade, the impressive guest list, the sparse programming, and the weird autograph session restrictions. There is some good to be found here, though, including free parking! So come have a listen, and share your thoughts on our Facebook page. Episode 47 is a go! Read more