Episode 45 – Back In Competitive Shape

Henshin-a go go

The AX talk went on so long we had to split the episode into two parts! Diana joins last episode’s crew of Dennis, Kate, Aaron, and Eve as we discuss the Anime Expo masquerade, some drama that goes behind the scenes, what goes into judging such a huge event, and how the competitive fire is lit amongst us. If it moved you as well, then you know what we’re talking about. Episode 45 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:49 AX Masquerade Rundown
0:11:27 Contestant Attitude
20:55 Our Reactions
0:24:29 A Judge’s Duty
0:47:02 Masquerade Preshow & Backstage
1:02:01 Business Time

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Lying is bad, kids.


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