Episode 44 – Whirlwind AttAX

Cosplay Jam episode 44

Apologies for the delay, but when life hits, it hits hard. We’ve got a two part episode about Anime Expo 2013, and what a doozy it was! Gatherings, booth work, panels, masquerade–if you weren’t there, we hope that this podcast helps you feel like you were. On this episode, we have Dennis, Kate, Aaron, and Eve discussing all those topics about AX…except masquerade. That will have to wait for next time.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:10 Feast of Fast – Food Talk
0:08:11 Anime Expo Hijinks
0:22:27 Panel Discussion
0:35:13 Registration Problems of a Summer Con
0:37:23 Booth Work
0:56:14 Any Problems?
0:58:45 Musically Inspired at AX
1:03:49 Recommending Boothing
1:07:26 Aaron’s Experience at AX
1:22:39 Business Time

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