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Episode 46 – Comic Con…Deal With It

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ah yes, the infamous San Diego Comic Con. We meet again. The most popular of conventions that we attend is also the one we are afraid of the most before it starts. There’s so much prep time for it that sometimes you almost have to force yourself to have fun. Luckily, this year was not the case for us, and fun was had by all! Join Dennis and Kate as they give a quick recap of all their Avatar universe related adventures (no, not the blue cats) along with dealing with exclusives, a pirate ship adventure, and a great story that took years in the making for a friend. Episode 46 is a go! Read more


Episode 45 – Back In Competitive Shape

Henshin-a go go

The AX talk went on so long we had to split the episode into two parts! Diana joins last episode’s crew of Dennis, Kate, Aaron, and Eve as we discuss the Anime Expo masquerade, some drama that goes behind the scenes, what goes into judging such a huge event, and how the competitive fire is lit amongst us. If it moved you as well, then you know what we’re talking about. Episode 45 is a go! Read more


Podcasting Rut and Upcoming Events

Hi guys,

First, I want to apologize for the lack of podcast episode updates. During the time the website has been down, I’ve gone through two Blue Yeti mics that have made for some poor quality recordings. I’ve been pretty unhappy with how they’ve turned out, and that’s just sucked the enthusiasm I had for producing new content. Just relistening to them for editing makes me sad. And for further injury, the podcast has been delisted from the iTunes store since the RSS feed was dead while our hosting was down.

But all it not lost. While the Yeti microphone is out, I’ve decided to pursue a better podcasting set up that is more ideal for our group recordings, both in person and over Skype. Due to life problems, funding is a little bit lower than I’d like at the moment, but I will get our new podcasting gear in the near future. It’ll just happen slowly. No, I’m not planning to do a Kickstarter for this (which is the popular thing to do these days), especially since I have nothing to offer in terms of backer rewards. What I mean by slow is, well, it’ll be a gradual acquiring of all the pieces, and luckily there’s an upcoming Black Friday sale for some of the more major parts. And if you subscribed to the podcast in the past on iTunes, you can still get the episodes updated to your iTunes (at least, I did), or you can listen to them on our website. We’re still trying to get our podcast relisted on the iTunes store.

We’re still recording, although not as timely as I’d like. We have four in the can that need editing, and I am definitely planning to have all of those out before my next convention: New York Comic Con. Yes, I will be attending solo and joining the One Piece Podcast in covering and enjoying this con. Viz is also planning some Ranma 1/2 events, and you know that Shonen Jump has some sort of fan meet up planned as well. So if you’re out in the East Coast for that convention, I hope to see you there!

–Dennis “Ichnob”

Episode 44 – Whirlwind AttAX

Cosplay Jam episode 44

Apologies for the delay, but when life hits, it hits hard. We’ve got a two part episode about Anime Expo 2013, and what a doozy it was! Gatherings, booth work, panels, masquerade–if you weren’t there, we hope that this podcast helps you feel like you were. On this episode, we have Dennis, Kate, Aaron, and Eve discussing all those topics about AX…except masquerade. That will have to wait for next time.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:10 Feast of Fast – Food Talk
0:08:11 Anime Expo Hijinks
0:22:27 Panel Discussion
0:35:13 Registration Problems of a Summer Con
0:37:23 Booth Work
0:56:14 Any Problems?
0:58:45 Musically Inspired at AX
1:03:49 Recommending Boothing
1:07:26 Aaron’s Experience at AX
1:22:39 Business Time

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