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Japan Expo Impressions

Looking back on the recent Japan Expo, it was disappointing. I’m surprised, too. I was really looking forward to it. On paper, it sounded great–organized by former Otakon staff and the people who run the huge Japan Expo convention in France, a first year con with prestigious guests, and a solid challenge to both Anime Expo and Fanime, both of which had some problems this year. Japan Expo seemed to be in good position to offer a fun alternative to the two largest anime events in California. Read more

We’re Back! Upcoming Podcasts, Japan Expo USA, and More Announcements!

Hi everyone! It’s great to be back up an running again. As you could tell, our website has been down for the past two months due to server transfer issues along with getting the databases back up and running with MySQL. Thankfully, that’s all been taken care of, and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Podcast episode backlog should now be in full force, and for any new listeners, we’ll get the entire backlog up on iTunes shortly.

Speaking of Cosplay Jam, we’ll have new episodes up after this weekend since we will be at Japan Expo USA in Santa Clara. We’ve got a double Anime Expo episode, double Comic Con episode in the works, and a bunch of other topics (yes, we will discuss the new reality show Heroes of Cosplay). So hope your podcast ears are ready, because we have got a lot to talk about.

And finally, thank you to all listeners and fans who happen to like our Facebook page, especially those who enjoy Aaron’s photography. Thanks to you all, we have broken 700 likes on Facebook! So if you haven’t joined in yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to and click the Like button today!

–Dennis “Ichnob”