Episode 42 – Feast or Fanime

Sorry for the delay! We’ve suffered some new technical problems that have caused a lot of surprise downtime. So please bear with the audio quality of this episode. Today, we have Dennis, Kate, Francis, and Diana as our podcast regulars, and we’re joined by returning guest Eve and new guest (and friend of the show) Adam from Crazy Crazy Rainbow Stars Cosplay. Aaron is still in the process of moving which is why we are splitting the Fanime discussion this year. This episode is all about the experiences, which were plagued by the long lines at registration which I’m sure most of you heard about and some experienced. Pre-registration and at-con registration needs some work. The completed construction will hopefully help out with the over crowded convention center. We were able to enjoy some panels and video screenings, though. So the convention wasn’t a total loss. And of course we’ll let you know all about the food choices. Find out what we felt about the convention as a whole, and come back next week for all the cosplay discussion, with a new special guest who only cosplayed for the first time ever at Fanime! Episode 42 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
02:47 Japan Expo USA News
09:42 Food Finds Around Fanime
13:40 Why We Like Going to Fanime
20:66 Problems with Fanime 2013
42:00 Can It Be Fixed?
49:46 Where to Spend Money – Artist Alley Impressions & Dealer’s Hall Woes
1:02:09 Panels and Screenings
1:14:00 Guest Cosplay Adventures
1:20:33 Fanime Final Thoughts
1:22:42 Business Time

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You can see Francis’ 3D Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan at his deviantART: passbyguy.deviantart.com

See you next time at Anime Expo!


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