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Fanime 2013 Impressions

Hi folks. Dennis here with some early initial impressions regarding Fanime this past weekend. It was five days (if you count Day Zero) of fun and exhaustion. Yeah, those two words perfectly describe our experiences at Fanime. However, it wasn’t as smooth sailing as we’d like it to be.

In terms of attendees, the ones you see and meet at Fanime are some of the best you can meet at a California convention. Friendly, outgoing, excited, diverse, and passionate–you’ll find many people you can get along with or strike a conversation with very easily. And attendance has shot through the roof! When I first began attending this convention, their totals were around the 10,000 attendee mark. And this year, they’re at an estimated 20,000 plus! Read more

Episode 41 – Road to Fanime 2013 (Part 2)


On this episode, Dennis asks Aaron and Kate what their Fanime plans are. It’s literally right around the corner, so it’s even shorter this time. But, we get a look at more events and even more food anticipation. We haven’t even left yet! Episode 41 is a go! Read more


Episode 40 – Road to Fanime 2013 (Part 1)


Fanime is almost upon us. So, we’re gonna catch up with some of our crew and find out what they’re up to. On today’s episode, Francis and Dennis discuss their plans and more. Dennis has his three costumes lined up, while Francis is hurriedly prepping more things for artist alley. It’s a short but sweet episode today. Episode 40 is a go! Read more


Durarara!! Photoshoot in Downtown LA

Hey guys, this is Aaron. I just recently finished editing photos from a shoot I took a few weeks ago with some incredible cosplayers. Some of them I have had the pleasure of working with before and some that I would be working with for the first time. This was a Durarara!! photoshoot that was organized by It’s Itsuka who is a great Southern California cosplayer. The setting for the shoot was an urban city just like the one in Durara!! Lucky enough, most of us lived near Los Angeles so we were able to use Downtown LA as the background. As usual, it was fun taking all these pictures of these wonderful cosplayers. Here are a few of my favorites:

If you liked these pictures, you can find the rest of the album here: Durarara!! Photoshoot by SK Cosplay

Episode 39 – Kamisama Goes to Conji

It’s May, and a lot of big conventions are happening this month. While we’re gearing up for Fanime, Kate and Diana were able to attend Anime Conji in San Diego and tell Dennis all about their adventures. And see if Anime Conji is something you’d like to attend next year. And while we’re on the subject with upcoming conventions, Diana also has a brief experience regarding a new resource for wig purchases. Episode 39 is a go! Read more