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Episode 38 – Flowers and the World

It’s one of those extra long episodes as Kate and Dennis go over both World Cosplay Summit at Anime Matsuri and Sakura-Con with the help of Diana, Eve, and Chika. We’ve got stories and experiences with both conventions, including how to survive when restaurants are closed, camaraderie through friendly competition, working with American Cosplay Paradise and Funimation at a con, and much much more! And congratulations to Cupcake Cosplay, our US representatives for WCS 2013! Episode 38 is a go! Read more


Episode 37 – Better Than the Mall

So many conventions, and not enough time. In the first part of our Easter Weekend convention coverage, here we have a recap of Wonder Con. Lots of spending, and especially lots of cosplay. There’s the return of talking about food and food trucks, along with our trek to finally experience Slaters 50/50. And we have a new segment about the things we (mostly Dennis) bought at the conveion which we’re calling Convention Haul. And it seemed that our Avatar cosplays were a big hit! Hope you enjoy then stories and the photos. And why is it that Dennis can’t say Finn? Episode 37 is a go! Read more