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Shonen Jump Alpha is now Weekly Shonen Jump

January 30, 2012–Shonen Jump Alpha launches for North America, bringing six very popular titles from Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump to a legal, digital format. There were two caveats with this launch: there were only six titles, and there was a two week delay from Japan. But now, the Alpha days have passed. It’s a new era for the Shonen Jump brand and Viz Media. Shonen Jump Alpha will become the new digital Weekly Shonen Jump as of January 21, 2013. Read more

Episode 31 – Let’s Believe ALA 2013

Tiger & Bunny Gathering at ALA 2013

First con of the year over! Besides the endless debate whether this is the start of the convention season or the end, this ALA was one for the ages. We had a podcasting panel, a One Piece panel, and masquerade to compete in! But more activities didn’t mean it was less fun. We made new friends, and caught up with some old ones, too. Oh, and the winners of the 1st SK Cosplay Contest have been chosen. So listen up! Episode 31 is a go!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:32 Changes for ALA 2013
0:04:46 Panels and Workshops
0:14:32 SK’s Podcast Panel and One Piece Panel
0:20:02 The Usual Facilities
0:30:03 Masquerade
0:46:04 Final Thoughts
0:49:59 Contest Winner
0:52:39 SK’s Choice
1:07:44 Business Time

Thanks to AC Paradise for uploading our skit. Watch it on their website or on YouTube:

Thanks to ACP members Pannon & DeejKakashi for being cool Tiger & Bunny twins, and congratulations! Wish Pannon luck at WCS!

Thanks to Jammer of the Animanga Podcast for co-hosting the One Piece panel with us. Listen at

See you at Wonder Con!

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2012 Cosplay Contest Finalist PSA

The contest is almost over. Is your favorite winning? Head on over to to vote now! There’s Geoff as Sanji, Gustavo as Jinbei, Jordan as Usopp, and Michael as Blackbeard. Winner gets a sweet Franky Grandline Men figure along with some Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, while the runner up gets their choice from five different One Piece flags. What are you doing? Vote now!