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Episode 27 – Spooky Shopping

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BOO! Sorry for the scare, but it’s Halloween time! And as a cosplayer, Halloween is definitely our time to shine at parties and events. It’s like a cosplayer’s Christmas! And just like that holiday, there are some things you can get on sale the few days after Halloween. Join us for a very brief episode about things you can get on sale besides candy. But definitely get some candy on sale. It’s okay if you’re an adult. Episode 27 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
01:57 Fabric & Hobby Stores
05:12 Things at Halloween Stores
08:42 Universal Accessories
13:52 Decorations
16:33 Weapons
19:12 Business Time

We’ll see you next time at PMX!

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Episode 26 – Show Them Your Yaoi Hands

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Convention flu might have struck us hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you an episode. This time it’s all about Yaoi Con for you yaoi fans. Don’t worry, we have stuff for the non-fans, too, like an explanation of what “yaoi hands” really are. It’s also SK Cosplay’s first time judging a masquerade competition, which featured one really amazing group skit. While we do get distracted for a bit talking about other conventions, we’d like to thank our guests Diana and Eve for helping make this recording fun. Episode 26 is a go!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:25 Yaoi Hands Explained
00:08:30 Why did we go to Yaoi Con?
00:11:13 First Year Con…Sort of?
00:16:26 The Long Beach Westin Thoughts
00:18:45 The Cosplay Crowd & Vendors
00:25:40 Masquerade
00:44:56 Yaoi Con: Final Thoughts
00:58:27 Suggestions by Eve
01:03:05 Business Time

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Episode 25 – Fritz Approves the Fans’ Choice

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The fans have spoken (sort of), and now you’ve got it. We’ve got the first of hopefully many Fritz-centric episodes. While we cannot have a full tutorial of each sword on this podcast episode, we’re hoping that this will inspire you to take a crack at it. And for future help, we’ll definitely post some example videos online. Here, Fritz goes over from his first props made to stories and tips about making everything else he’s done. And for more prop photos, just check out his Facebook page in the links below. So sit back and enjoy the stories. And if you do decide to attempt woodworking, remember your safety equipment. Episode 25 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
03:30 It All Started as a Child
04:41 First Cosplay Props
09:42 Three-Sword Style a-la Fritz
13:29  With Experience Comes Improvement
18:12 Tools and Equipment
27:06 The Planning Stage
30:11 For Those Starting Out
33:32 The Black Sword, Night
38:00 Garrus’ Unfinished Rifle
39:36 Freed & Utena Intricacies
41:34 Commissions?
44:13 Business Time

Wanna see more of Fritz’ progress photos? Head to his NDminion Facebook Page:

We’ll see you next time at PMX: Pacific Media Expo

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Suupaa Kaizoku at Yaoi Con 2012

Hey there, folks! Our next convnetion we’re attending is Yaoi Con at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach. It’s an 18+ convention due to the mature content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! We are hosting two panels: “Surviving Masquerade” on Sunday at 11am and “Let’s Start a Podcast” on Sunday at 2pm. And speaking of masquerade, we’re also guest judges! The lovely folks from Viz Media donated some amazing prizes, so if you’re going and competing, best of luck to you!

And if you aren’t in the area but are heading to New York, stop by New York Comic Con and visit our friends from Viz, Shonen Jump, and the One Piece Podcast!

SJA – Barrage, We Hardly Knew Ye

Hi there folks, if you’re wondering why the Shonen Jump Alpha impressions have been missing, it’s because I have not had that much time to actually write them out. As much as I enjoy typing, I don’t always have the time between what I do every day. So now, the SJA articles will be monthly instead of the attempted weekly. I’ll be recapping the month in the series stories with a few spotlight stories here and there on certain ones every now and then. Unfortunately, this one will be a little more somber, as we go through the very short-lived Barrage. I’ve never seen an attempted weekly series end after just sixteen chapters before. While I don’t read as much manga as some of you or people I know, I would still like to attempt to go over what could possibly have happened to cause the series to end this way.

Barrage started in the first June 2012 issue of Shonen Jump Alpha. It was poised to become the next popular manga after the ending of Bakuman. From Kouhei Horikoshi who is a self-described American comics fan, Barrage tells the story of Astro, a homeless street urchin who takes care of other orphaned kids and somehow assumes the identity of Barrage, the prince of the planet. Now, I know that you’re thinking that it’s very similar to The Prince and the Pauper, and I thought the same thing, too. But that all gets thrown out within the opening chapter. The prince turns out to be not very likable and killed off to boot. I assumed there would’ve been a future reveal where the prince didn’t actually die, but we now know that we’ll never get that story. It started off very interesting, though. So what happened that made it get cancelled so quick?

I can’t say that I’m familiar with the author’s previous work. From some internet research, his work before Barrage was called Oumagadoki Doubutsuen, also known as Oumagadoki Zoo.  I’ve never read it, but it was also a short serialization in Jump, just barely lasting a year. The art style was pretty interesting, and much like its successor, it was an adventure/battle story, that time featuring a rabbit as the main character.

I feel that Barrage just suffered for being too much of the same, for both Japanese and American audiences. Bakuman was quite well regarded for both being a completely different idea and a very compelling story. Fans of something that intelligent and that unique are not exactly going to be won over by another battle manga. There could’ve been so much more for the adventure start with Barrage, and instead it felt like a typical fantasy RPG opening. While I thought the art style was great, the pacing of the story never really drew me in. And with so much more popular adventure/battle manga out there like the “big three” of One Piece, Naruto,  and Toriko, there’s no way that Barrage would’ve been able to live up to an already crowded market. The author said he was a fan of American comics, too. Unfortunately, I feel that there isn’t as big of a crossover between manga fans and comic book fans raised on Marvel & DC.

Could Barrage have succeeded somehow? Of course it could have, but a lot of the reasons are something that just can’t be changed. Sure, you can throw out reasons like “Well if the story is better” or “If it was just more interesting.” Yeah, not that easy to elaborate. Characters could’ve had more development, but it’s possible the editor was wanting to save that development for later. The early action could’ve served as a possible means of drawing a Western audience simultaneously. Barrage could have also succeeded in a different magazine like Shonen Sunday. Maybe even a monthly instead of a weekly. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see the author’s true vision for the full story of Barrage. All that we can do is hope that his next work finds more success.

Barrage has been replaced by Cross Manage, where a high school boy who isn’t comfortable around girls ends up becoming the manager for his school’s girl lacrosse team.

–Dennis “Ichnob”

Episode 24 – Comikaze Excelsior!

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

If you thought we only went to one comic book convention, well, you’d mostly be right since most of SK Cosplay aren’t comic book fans. However! We got a recap of our trip to Comikaze, a convention only in its sophomore year, and from our experiences, seems pretty good. Join us with special guest, friend, and listener Gustavo (aka Garp Stavo Sauce) as we talk about all the good and bad of Stan Lee’s personal convention. Episode 24 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
02:25 Comikaze Impressions
04:53 Celebrity Sightings
07:04 Zombie Obstacle Course & Quidditch
11:57 Saturday Parking & Registration Fiasco
15:41 Gustavo Compares the First Two Years
17:47 Main Stage & Costume Contest
20:08 Final Comikaze Thoughts
23:10 Stan Lee Museum
25:28 Face-Off
27:21 SK’s Choice
44:36 Business Time

Like Gustavo’s cosplay? He’s got more photos at

We’ll see you next time at Yaoi Con!

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