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Episode 23 – Vegas, Baby

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

Surviving the heat so far? Why not cool down with an episode of Cosplay Jam. Today we go over a first-time anime convention called Animegacon, located in Las Vegas, where it’s also sweltering hot. We’re also joined by Ryan, known for his Congoers webcomic, and also on dA as sykoeent. We’ve got cosplayers, Vegas stories, and 10,001 more reasons to listen. Episode 23 is a go!

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Here’s Ryan (some of Ryan’s art)
04:02 Initial Animegacon Impressions
05:40 Vegas Buffet (Paris Hotel)
07:59 Vegas People
13:43 High Roller Cosplayers
17:08 10,001 Reasons to Masquerade
21:04 Animegacon’s Artist Alley
21:45 Closing Thoughts
23:33 SK’s Choice
31:50 Business Time

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