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Episode 21 – Comic KHAAAAN! & Anniversary

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

It’s the (belated) one year anniversary of Cosplay Jam! On this episode, we recap our Comic Con adventures which entail a lot of…wait for it…waiting in line. Ugh. But fret not! There’s still lots of fun to be had. We went to the Community Panel, Korra Panel, Firefly Panel, played lots of video games, got some cool free stuff, and most importantly, helped promote One Piece with some free ice cream thanks to the fine folks over at Shonen Jump! So grab your decoder rings and quote the oath, because episode 21 is a go!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:31 Keith’s First Comic Con Experience
00:08:31 Keith’s Exhibit Hall Adventures
00:14:28 Other Stories from Comic Con
00:22:19 Korra Panel
00:28:08 Voice Actor Talk
00:30:54 Videogames at Comic Con
00:30:27 One Last Korra Bit
00:35:30 Firefly 10th Anniversary Reunion
00:43:35 Panels Online and Hype Trains
00:47:01 Team JUMP
00:50:27 Life Post Comic Con
01:01:50 Dennis at Dragon*Con Last Year
01:04:28 Kate & Diana at Andrew WK
01:08:54 Diversity Panels & Prism Comics
01:10:53 Final Thoughts and Cosplay Jam’s Future
01:13:44 Business Time

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for more photos of the Korra panel for you intrepid cosplayers, and please vote for what tutorial/tip you want to see next on an upcoming episode.

Special thanks to Viz Media and everyone at Team Jump, Funimation, and the fine folks at San Diego.

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Episode 20 – Cospl-AX

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

It’s part 2 of our AX recap, and this episode is filled with 500% MORE cosplay! Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we talk a lot about cosplay. Seriously. We have tips about how to become an ACP volunteer, the future cosplayers of the next generation, a masquerade halftime show recap all about Ryo Horikawa, gatherings, and of course, SK’s choice. We also have 100% less fireworks explosions. We got our exhausting Comic Con recap up next time, but let’s relive some key moments from AX just one last time.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:30 Ryo Horikawa Halftime Show
00:07:18 AX Cosplay Scene
00:13:07 The Previously Unheard AX Complaints
00:17:04 The Young Cosplayers
00:26:33 Diana & Aniplex
00:35:24 How to be an ACP Volunteer
00:41:04 Get Ready for AX Cosplay
00:42:59 Avatar & One Piece Gatherings
00:49:41 SK’s Choice
01:22:05 Business Time

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Episode 19 – The AX Games We Play

Cosplay Jam Album CoverOne huge convention down, one more to go. Join the nearly FULL Suupaa Kaizoku Cosplay crew as we talk about Anime Expo, and how ESPN’s X Games interfered (but not really). We also talk about the new cosplay we made for the convention, interacting with the awesome crew from TEAM JUMP, a not so stellar masquerade, and more! Oh, and don’t mind those popping noises in the background…we recorded this on July 4. AMERICA! Episode 19 is a go! All right all right…

00:00 Introduction
01:31 AX-Games Expectations
08:25 Overcrowded Much?
14:30 Differences from Last Year
24:45 Animanga Podcast and SSAA Podcast
25:32 SK’s New Cosplay
38:51 More Cosplay Next Time
40:47 Masquerade
57:45 Business Time

Don’t forget to meet us at the One Piece Ice Cream Truck at San Diego Comic Con: Saturday, July 14, 5th Ave Pier behind Hall H, 3PM – ?

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