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Episode 18 – E3 + AM^2 = MathJam

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

Happy Con season, folks! We’ve got a double convention recap for you. First up, Kate and Aaron visit E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and talk about videogames and free stuff for you gamers out there. While we are not a videogame focused podcast, we do enjoy playing videogames quite a bit. Not a lot of cosplay there being an industry event, but still very enjoyable. Also, we visit AM^2 at the Anaheim Convention Center. While the con itself is small, their hearts are in the right place. Hear about what we liked and what we didn’t like, along with what our hope is for the future of AM^2. We also have a surprisingly lengthy AM^2 Masquerade talk even though they only had 13 entries. And Dennis was still ill-prepared due to both his camera batteries dying. Boo-urns. We got new hardware to make this podcast better: both a new camera and a new computer. Let us know how you like the new format for Cosplay Jam. Have a listen and follow the links below to watch E3 and AM^2 vids. Episode 18 is a go!

00:00:00 Start
00:01:21 SK Cosplay Goes to E3
00:02:51 Aaron’s Thoughts As a First Timer
00:05:18 Kate’s Comparisons
00:07:02 Swag!
00:11:16 The Games We Played
00:13:45 Wii U Impressions
00:15:41 E3 Wrap Up
00:20:38 Second Con of the Month: AM^2
00:28:01 Dealer’s Hall Meh/Artist Alley Great
00:35:48 Other Main Hall Attractions
00:37:51 Phoenix Wright Live Action Movie
00:47:20 SK Cosplay’s Choice Pics
00:56:17 Final Thoughts on AM^2
00:59:11 Business Time

Don’t forget to come to the One Piece Gathering: Saturday, June 30, 12:00 pm at Site 2. Image located here (yellow arrow):

Don’t forget to come to the One Piece Podcast Panel: Sunday, July 1, 5:00 pm at Live Programming IV.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors Gameplay Footage:
AM^2 Full Masquerade Video:
Dennis’ Favorite AM^2 Masquerade Skit:

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Shonen Jump Alpha Double! – 06/11/2012 & 06/18/2012



That’s right folks, we have a double issue review thanks to convention and podcasting delays. Not going to do these in their normal SJA order since they are different in both issues, so we’ll just go alphabetically.

Barrage 2 & 3

The Little Prince – Interesting character quirks in chapter two. I wasn’t expecting Tiamat to be weak to girls like Yamcha in Dragon Ball. And Jino’s fear of Prince Barrage makes her spout “I’m sorry, please don’t hit me!” So if you thought that the prince was cooler than Astro, female servant punishment tells you otherwise.  I did like that they just went gung-ho for the “Barrage is now Astro” reveal. I assumed it would’ve taken longer, so glad to be wrong in this case. The forshadowed surprise attack did help keep me interested. And will you look at that, Astro gets to keep his promise to the kids as long as he gets to be the prince and save the world. So, anyone taking bets as to when Barrage comes back from the dead?

The Prince’s Job – So the important thing is that Jino wasn’t just introduced as fodder character. Glad she’s safe, but even though she know’s it’s Astro and not Barrage, she still acts the same way (trauma). Now Astro gets to see the world outside of the castle, as he and Tiamat are sent to deal with some bandits. Astro regrets being away from his family so soon, but soon learns of the hardships these villagers face. When the villagers attack, Astro just rushes in, though he doesn’t have any real battle experience besides the previous two chapters. I enjoyed that Tiamat being a soldier took out everyone of the fodder villains while Astro took on this week’s big bad. Also, Tiamat can shoot out his blade. Neat. And who’s the guy that wants to boil the bandit?!  We end with Tiamat agreeing to teach Astro the ways of the for-I mean how to wield the Orgue.

Bleach 493 & 494

Light of Happiness -Quilge transforms and just obliterates Ayon. He also takes is left arm for himself. What? The arrancar try to hide Chad and Inoue along with themselves, but he quickly cuts down their barrier and begins to absorb them. Ichigo comes in for the rescue naturally, and already figures out how to stop the absorption process. Back in Soul Society, looks like the quincies took the first move.

The Closing Chapter Part One – Really nice colorspread of the Soul Society captains. Anyway, pillars of fire sprout all over Soul Society. Soldiers gather at the base of the pillars to meet the enemy, but many are taken out very easily. The invading group is revealed to be the Stern Ritter (and why am I not suprised that there’s a token attractive girl in the group). Seven minutes in the attack, and over 1000 soul reapers already dead. And of course, last panel featuring Ichigo just to say that he’s in this chapter.

Naruto 587 & 588

Nine O’Clock – We get an easy to understand explanation of how the Izanami works to get the infinite loop status along with the reasons of developing it. Itachi used it on Kabuto because he saw his former self in Kabuto and wanted to change him. Kabuto still does not grasp what is going on and remains trapped in the technique. On the outskirts of battle, Kabuto’s childhood friend Urushi remembers him and wishes for his safe return home.

Burden of a Kage – Itachi will now stop the Edo Tensei, destroying himself and the other ninja zombies. In the meantime, the Five Kage are struggling against Madara’s minions. Stamina is a key issue, and Tsunade’s ability is greatly draining hers. As she falters, the Raikage loses focus for an instant and is caught by Madara. Tsuchikage is able to save him from defeat in the nick of time. Pretty intense battle moments, and a great combination attack counter. But Madara has a final trick up his sleeve: the Perfect Susano’o. Will Itachi make it in time?

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 203 & 204

Eve of Attack – Rikuo is concerned about Aotabou and Kurotabou’s situation with the Chubu yokai. Rikuo’s friends arrive and are surprised to find Yura there, along with other onmyoji. They discuss the status of Abe no Seimei along with his perception by the world. Kuro and Ao return, which means it’s time for Rikuo’s night parade to take off.

Ressurection – Now we see Nue’s night parade, which consists not of just yokai, but demons as well. And before Rikuo can set off for battle, it seems that his mom wants to have a heart to heart talk with him. At the same times, we get glimpses of Gitsune wondering what will happen when she meets Nue. Rikuo’s mother tells him of a village of half yokai where her father now rests. Rikuo vows to visit once this battle is finally over. It seems that we’re heading on towards the home stretch/final battle for Nura. Think two Shonen Jump series will end in the same year? It could happen.

One Piece 668 & 669

Pirate Alliance – The final “From the Decks of the World” cover story showcasing Whitebeard and Ace’s graves. Someone was kind enough to place the newspaper of Luffy along with some sake for Ace. And all this time, I thought his name was “Portgas” and here it’s “Portgaz.” Luffy quickly agrees to join Law’s pirate alliance, surprising the rest of the crew. While they are at first against it, it seems flattery gets Luffy everywhere. To make good on their alliance, Law swaps back their bodies…except for Nami. Lots of great gags here, including Robin, Chopper’s aftermath, and Nami’s remorse. Law gets more than he bargained for as Luffy makes these demands not part of the alliance, but Usopp does a great job of explaning and making Law see that it’s no use to argue. First, Law gets a new Chopper hat, but instead he gets a Chopper sword charm. It’s funny how Luffy just casually says that besides him, Zoro and Sanji can use haki on his crew. While the Marines charge in to Caesar’s lab, Caesar himself gives orders to release his gruesome creature, simply known as Slime. That is definitely not a Pokémon.

Commence Operation – Oh look, Team Zoro is still alive. Who would’ve guessed? (Everyone did.) So what exactly happened? Well, this flashback will help! The Yeti brothers knock them out with gas and break the ground beneath them to fall onto ice spikes. Before Zoro loses consciousness, he cuts the spike plateau allowing them to fall (still far) down onto the snow. Before they get captured by Caesar’s men, Sanji revives and makes quick work of them. Back in the present, they find the samurai! He’s not just stuck there because he’s freezing. It seems that his torso has fallen into the lake. The three agree to help and after that, Sanji wants to challenge him to a duel. Before they reach the lake, the run into what they think is a mountain. Caesar explains that Slime is the manifestation of the chemical weapon that destroyed Punk Hazard. Back at the lab, the Marines continue to struggle (well, mostly just Tashigi struggling with Smoker’s abilities). And Law somehow uses his powers to transport himself and Chopper to the back door entrance trying to sneak in. But of course, you can’t sneak when Luffy is about, as he, Franky, and Robin come crashing the party.

Toriko 188 & 189

Decisive Battle at Chowlin Temple – Master Chin hurriedly flies back to Chowlin Temple to stop Chiyo’s rampage. Turns out Otake’s stabbing was from a Revival Knife, a taboo art. Thank goodness, because it’s not like Komatsu hasn’t nearly died often enough in this series. Arriving, Master Chin prepares to go all out and isolates his battle with Chiyo to the air. I was not expecting her to get the upper hand so fast, especially not with the first attack. But Toriko arrives, and now he’s a Super Saiyan?

Master of Honoring Food – With Toriko’s arrival, Master Chin uses his techniques to create a spoon dome, further isolating his battle with Chiyo. Glad that his appearance didn’t change for more than a chapter length. Being able to honor the food, Toriko easily takes care of the golem, and not even using his full strength. The spoon dome opens, but Master Chin falls.

Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration 2

The Fight Merchant – Looks like Kanryu has hired a lot of people to take out the legendary Battousai. Though, instead of going together, they draw straws to decide the order. At the Kamiya dojo, we discover that Kaoru can’t cook, even though she’s been learning from Kenshin. The first opponent arrives and disrupts their breakfast, demolishing the door with just his fist. He introduces himself as Sagara Sanosuke, the fight merchant (of course, fans of the original will simply shorten this to Sano). Challenging Kenshin, his fists swing but do not connect. It seems that Kenshin will not really fight him since he’s not there to hurt Kaoru and Yahiko, or take the dojo. But after revealing the Two Layers strike and issuing promise to obey one command should he lose, Kenshin agrees to the fight. Sano goes to break the sword, but Kenshin disrupts the technique by striking Sano with both his sword and scabbard. With the fight done, a mysterious figure appears, and discovers that Kenshin no longer kills. Could he be the next opponent? Fulfilling the promise of the duel, Kenshin requests that Sano use his strength to help people. Looks like Sano will be staying at the dojo. And we get another mysterious figure in shadows at the end?


Shonen Jump Alpha – 06/04/2012


The oft-delayed Shonen Jump Alpha impressions finally makes its return this week, with the US premiere of Barrage that was announced at Fanime. Ready to start a series from the beginning? It looks pretty promising.

*This edition of SJA Impressions was delayed for you by Cosplay Jam editing and Diablo III.

Barrage 1

Piercer – I’m going to go ahead and say it. Got a big Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vibe from the main character Astro. Especially with the whole “pierce” thing in the title. We get a decent enough look at his upbringing, seeing his beliefs and motivations. It’s pretty par for the course, and he is likeable. I was getting a very much “The Prince and the Pauper” vibe once we see Astro’s look-alike Prince Barrage. And then it all went away. We quickly meet the king and Lieutenant Tiamat, and we end it with a glimpse of the Orgue bonding with Astro, giving him great power. Interesting weapon choice there, being a spear. Well, chapter one is pretty intersting. Let’s hope it gets better during its first year. Let me know how you like this new series.

Naruto 586

The Izanami Activated – I must admit. This fight so far has been pretty good. Even with the somewhat unnecessary flashback in the middle of the fight, it’s been pretty good. First chapter was pretty confusing, but I’m sure most of you were able to understand somewhere in the middle. The Izanami is one strong technique. Will this be the end of all the zombie ninjas? Well, not right away.

One Piece 667

Cool Fight – Not much going on in this cover story volume, but let’s hope this won’t be the last we see of Ivankov. We start off with some really great Franky-Chopper antics. Who couldn’t see that he was going to use the Rumble Ball right away? Looks like Caesar wants to examine Franky’s cyborg body for Vegapunk’s tech. Unfortunately, we still don’t get a clear look at Scotch and Rock’s faces. Luffy shows off some new abilities, and I really like that Gum Gum Balloon has been changed so that he can aim it. And at the end we get Law! New pirate alliance to be formed? Granted, this was predicted back on Saobody Archipelago. But to take down one of the Four Emperors? That’s new. Guessing it’ll be either Kaidou or Big Mom.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 202

Lord of the Capital – Gitsune is back and reunites with one of her former comrades. One of the Gokadoin is there to “greet” her, but she quickly makes him retreat, surprising even Ryuji. While she also gathers her own yokai horde, Kubinashi’s trip doesn’t far so well, with a majority of the clan he wanted to recruit killing themselves under the control of another. Looks like Rikuo will once again be heading off to face Nue again. Felt like it was just recently when they met for the first time. But now they’ll be backed by the full (remaining) force of the Keikain clan.

Bleach 492

Balancer’s Justice – So Ayon’s summoned or formed by the fusing of those two girls’ left arms. And he seems to be giving Quilge more trouble than he thought. And just in case you forgot, we get some back story of the Quincies, and how this has been a war in the making for some time. Back in Hueco Mundo, just when you think it’s over…right? Quilge gets back up and has another transformation?

Toriko 187

A Taste of Bubble Fruit – On verge of death, Toriko finally achieves his goal: the Bubble Fruit! But Master Chin can’t stay long, as he rushes back to the temple to face Chiyo, who is now aligned with the Gourmet Corp. And that is actually one of the most brutal death’s I’ve seen in a modern shonen manga. But it was handled very well with not actually showing the violence. The outcome is really all that matters. Also, ew. Ootake reappears, looking very much more differently than he was abducted. But WHY WAS KOMATSU STABBED?! D:

Episode 17 – Man Up for Fanime

Cosplay Jam Album Cover

Man, we’ve got a giant-sized episode of Cosplay Jam for you today. Join us for our recap of Fanime, and see why it’s one of our most favorite conventions we attend. We’ve got swap meet tips, two panels we hosted, competing in Masquerade, and of course, food. Join SK members Dennis, Kate, Aaron, Francis, and Judy along with special guest Garrett as we remember Fanime. Episode 17 is a go!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:23 Road Trip
00:05:00 What is Fanime?
00:09:58 You’ve got the touch, you’ve got no power
00:13:20 What’re ya buyin’? What’re ya sellin’?
00:19:16 Francis & Artist Alley
00:26:40 It’s time for food!
00:35:25 We had panels!
00:40:37 Korra Gathering
00:43:20 Nintendo Gathering
00:45:15 One Piece Gathering
00:47:32 Break and special thanks
00:48:31 Garrett joins Masquerade talk
00:52:25 Excellent walk-ons
00:55:20 Not so faves
01:04:25 Fanime’s Masquerade crowd
01:05:40 Fave-sies: Yu-Gi-Oh skit
01:09:25 Other favorites
01:17:46 Breaking down the Ranma skit
01:26:24 It’s time for cosplay photos!
01:27:15 Korra sunglasses
01:30:31 Amon removes Servebot’s bending?
01:32:33 Journey…not the band
01:35:04 Shawdow Man from The Princess and the Frog
01:37:53 Jack Skellington
01:39:16 Kiki’s Delivery Service
01:40:38 Merida from Brave
01:43:29 Sailor Moon Transformation
01:45:27 Thor
01:47:42 Vegeta and Bulma family
01:49:50 Berserk
01:52:26 Fishmen Pirates
01:54:52 Business Time

Talking points: logistics of Transformers, haggling, pope-mobile, Western media invasion, Aaron’s incorrect names, free wi-fi, TIMESKIP!, 93.1 JACKFM, Marklar, bad ACP videos, taco cake, Mike the puppet, Sith Lord Amon, hair ribbons maybe, and resisting dirty jokes.

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Busy busy

Sorry for the lack of updates so far. We’ve been extremely busy with Fanime just being done. Fret not. Next week will be back to normal with a new Shonen Jump Alpha entry, a new episode of Cosplay Jam all about Fanime, and even some E3 coverage. Stay tuned, and see you next time at AM^2.