Shonen Jump Alpha – 03/26/2012



Another Alpha issue, and this one actually early! Bakuman takes the cover along with the lead story. We got the second part of Oda’s interview (yay!). Unfortunately, I also have some bad news, manga fans.  Bleach and Toriko will be on break next week. That’s two-thirds of content. Will we get a special one-shot or crossover issue next week? We’ll see when it comes. It’s bound to happen folks, manga creators aren’t machines.

Bakuman 170

Fame and Popularity – Not really sure who those other voice actresses are behind Miho, but I’m fairly sure that they’ll be important in some future issues. And here’s why: it’s a voice-actress idol showdown! Looks like the rest of this arc will actually focus on Miho most of the time, a strange but nice change of pace. I wanted to try to make some type of American Idol pun, but they’re already called idols. And there are so many types of idols (race, game, voice actress…all female actually) that it wouldn’t really work. Enjoyed some of the gags and spit-takes from Saiko earlier, too. BRING ON THE CONTESTANTS!

One Piece 569

About My Torso –  From right to left: Law, Luffy, Kidd. WHO’S THE FOURTH WANTED POSTER?! Someone tell me in the comments please. :3 We get a lot of different viewpoints in this chapter. Team Luffy is still struggling with trying to get to the icy part of the island to meet up with Brook and the Sunny. Okay, Usopp’s ammo now reminds me of Capsule Corp. items from Dragon Ball. Also enjoyable, Robin imagining herself and Luffy riding atop of Zoro and Usopp as they swim across the river of fire and ice. (Reminder, Game of Thrones season 2 is out this Sunday). But at least we are a step closer to finding out what’s with all those animal/man hybrids. Team Nami is still running away from the kids, and Team Sanji is still kicking ass. Are you Sanji fans happy with what he’s doing so far? And Brook taking on ANOTHER samurai (well, just a torso) was actually funny. Though we finally come to the meat of the chapter. Marines land on the island, and discover the owner of the mansion: Trafalgar Law, one of the Royal Seven Warlords?!

Naruto 577

Hale Blade – Finally get to see the Five Kages take on Zombidara for a bit (yes, we’ll go with Zombidara for the resurrected Madara, and Tobidara for the masked man who calls himself Madara). The combo attacks looked great, but we can’t have a legendary opponent just go down that easy, can we. Let’s hope that Tsunade won’t stay down for too long. I was under the assumption that Itachi was going to meet the Five Kages and aid them against Zombidara, but I was wrong. It makes sense that he would go after Kabuto. But it looks like Sasuke managed to keep up with him. With both containers of Orochimaru, will we see him resurrected, too?

Bleach 484

The Buckbeard – While I do make up words a lot (especially in these SJA impressions), what in blue blazes is a Buckbeard? Ebern can’t defeat Ichigo…well, for the moment anyway, so he retreats using a shadow teleportation. And we’re now at the quincy/arrancar base (Quinrancar?). One of the masked guys reveals his face, but loses an arm for pissing off what appears to be the ringleader.

Toriko 179

Fortune Roll Complete!!! – Looks like Monchy brings a whole new meaning to tenderizing your food. Well, he is dressed as a luchador after all. All this wrestling terminology reminds me of when I used to watch the WWF back in the day (now WWE). But I was really surprised at how big the Fortune Roll turned out to be! Holy cow! The size makes sense since it has to fall in the direction you’re supposed to go. Though, losing a big chunk of the Fortune Roll to a thief or two doesn’t help, we once again get side-tracked as Komatsu and Toriko stop in front of the Vanishing Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. How many more sidequests do we have to go on?

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 193

Tsuchigumo Returns Home – Poor Yura, being sort of kidnapped by Tsuchigumo. But, he needs directions and has to get his other three arms back. Rikuo’s newest allies are impressed with the demeanor and character of his yokai form. Unfortunately, as they gather their forces, it looks like Nue is beginning the purification process. But I never expected GIANT SNAKES COMING FROM THE SKY?! So, purification by digestion? This chapter felt really fast paced, and I still don’t know the names of those two human-looking yokai. 🙁

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