Shonen Jump Alpha – 03/12/2012

SJA 03/12/2012

What a tease! Though Luffy is on the cover, there is NO ONE PIECE this week! Instead, we get a quick glimpse at the One Piece x Toriko crossover that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump last year. But if you are an Alpha subscriber, then you got a digital copy of this last week. Well, on to the impressions…

Naruto 575

A Will of Stone – Not going to lie. This week’s Naruto was a tough read for me at first. Second read-through made things much clearer. While the five Kages are indeed tough, it wouldn’t be that much of a match if they were able to take out Zombie Madara that easy. I felt that the Tsuchikage’s flashback was a little forced, but I never expected him to have a beam attack like that, especially with primarily having earth and rock elemental ninjitsu. The fusion of the First with Madara did surprise me, though. And are you ready for the Sasuke versus Itachi rematch?! (Not me)

Toriko 177

Durian Bomb – It’s another self-contained chapter. However, I kind of like these, mainly because I’m expecting something really big happening soon. We’re getting all these side-character cameos and mentions here and there. Most likely scenario, we aren’t going to be seeing some of our favorite side characters for a while once the Four Gourmet Kings finally enter the Gourmet World. But still, how many ingredients does this fortune roll really need? I guess I am getting a little antsy due to no real baddie for this in-betweener arc. But the smelliest of fruits known as the Durian Bomb did bring quite a few laughs. The face-faults for Toriko and Komatsu were hilarious! And hey, we even get a cameo from Zonge, who’s playing videogames.

Bleach 482

Bad Recognition – So, with shots of Ichigo leaving his body again, does this mean we’ll get to see Kon-Ichigo? It’s been a while. But we do get a reveal of Ebern’s abilities: unlike what I assumed, he’s a quincy?! And villagers in Soul Society abducting other villagers? Or maybe, they were forced to abduct them. Either way, it’s not a bad mystery setup in Bleach this week. Guess we’ll find out who those mysterious masked men are next week…maybe.

Bakuman 168

Correction and Declaration – RELATIONSHIPS ANNOUNCED! RELATIONSHIPS ANNOUNCED! That’s pretty much all you need to know… What, you want more? Fine. It was actually pretty funny how Fukuda was so resolute about his decision, but the moment Saiko and Azuki’s feelings about the situation get brought up, he turns into such a softie. And at least Azuki’s mom finally understands the parallels of her past relationship and her daughter’s current one. And that was a very touching speech by Azuki at the very end. Looking forward to the backlash of NERD RAGE next week. Well, if there is one.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 191

Rikuo Invites His Friends Over – All right. Back to Tokyo and the main house. And like the title of the chapter, Rikuo’s school friends finally come over after his reveal that he’s part yokai. Kind of similar to Toriko, it looks like we’ll be spending some time with the human side characters before they get left by the wayside for the fight against Nue (but in reality, a few if not all will probably tag along anyway). Tamazaki and the Demons of Shikoku showing up was a big surprise to me. Looks like Rikuo will begin to focus on building his 100 Demon Parade.


And that’s it for this week. Hope to see you at Wonder Con in Anaheim, CA!

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