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Shonen Jump Alpha – 03/26/2012



Another Alpha issue, and this one actually early! Bakuman takes the cover along with the lead story. We got the second part of Oda’s interview (yay!). Unfortunately, I also have some bad news, manga fans.  Bleach and Toriko will be on break next week. That’s two-thirds of content. Will we get a special one-shot or crossover issue next week? We’ll see when it comes. It’s bound to happen folks, manga creators aren’t machines.

Bakuman 170

Fame and Popularity – Not really sure who those other voice actresses are behind Miho, but I’m fairly sure that they’ll be important in some future issues. And here’s why: it’s a voice-actress idol showdown! Looks like the rest of this arc will actually focus on Miho most of the time, a strange but nice change of pace. I wanted to try to make some type of American Idol pun, but they’re already called idols. And there are so many types of idols (race, game, voice actress…all female actually) that it wouldn’t really work. Enjoyed some of the gags and spit-takes from Saiko earlier, too. BRING ON THE CONTESTANTS!

One Piece 569

About My Torso –  From right to left: Law, Luffy, Kidd. WHO’S THE FOURTH WANTED POSTER?! Someone tell me in the comments please. :3 We get a lot of different viewpoints in this chapter. Team Luffy is still struggling with trying to get to the icy part of the island to meet up with Brook and the Sunny. Okay, Usopp’s ammo now reminds me of Capsule Corp. items from Dragon Ball. Also enjoyable, Robin imagining herself and Luffy riding atop of Zoro and Usopp as they swim across the river of fire and ice. (Reminder, Game of Thrones season 2 is out this Sunday). But at least we are a step closer to finding out what’s with all those animal/man hybrids. Team Nami is still running away from the kids, and Team Sanji is still kicking ass. Are you Sanji fans happy with what he’s doing so far? And Brook taking on ANOTHER samurai (well, just a torso) was actually funny. Though we finally come to the meat of the chapter. Marines land on the island, and discover the owner of the mansion: Trafalgar Law, one of the Royal Seven Warlords?!

Naruto 577

Hale Blade – Finally get to see the Five Kages take on Zombidara for a bit (yes, we’ll go with Zombidara for the resurrected Madara, and Tobidara for the masked man who calls himself Madara). The combo attacks looked great, but we can’t have a legendary opponent just go down that easy, can we. Let’s hope that Tsunade won’t stay down for too long. I was under the assumption that Itachi was going to meet the Five Kages and aid them against Zombidara, but I was wrong. It makes sense that he would go after Kabuto. But it looks like Sasuke managed to keep up with him. With both containers of Orochimaru, will we see him resurrected, too?

Bleach 484

The Buckbeard – While I do make up words a lot (especially in these SJA impressions), what in blue blazes is a Buckbeard? Ebern can’t defeat Ichigo…well, for the moment anyway, so he retreats using a shadow teleportation. And we’re now at the quincy/arrancar base (Quinrancar?). One of the masked guys reveals his face, but loses an arm for pissing off what appears to be the ringleader.

Toriko 179

Fortune Roll Complete!!! – Looks like Monchy brings a whole new meaning to tenderizing your food. Well, he is dressed as a luchador after all. All this wrestling terminology reminds me of when I used to watch the WWF back in the day (now WWE). But I was really surprised at how big the Fortune Roll turned out to be! Holy cow! The size makes sense since it has to fall in the direction you’re supposed to go. Though, losing a big chunk of the Fortune Roll to a thief or two doesn’t help, we once again get side-tracked as Komatsu and Toriko stop in front of the Vanishing Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. How many more sidequests do we have to go on?

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 193

Tsuchigumo Returns Home – Poor Yura, being sort of kidnapped by Tsuchigumo. But, he needs directions and has to get his other three arms back. Rikuo’s newest allies are impressed with the demeanor and character of his yokai form. Unfortunately, as they gather their forces, it looks like Nue is beginning the purification process. But I never expected GIANT SNAKES COMING FROM THE SKY?! So, purification by digestion? This chapter felt really fast paced, and I still don’t know the names of those two human-looking yokai. 🙁

Episode 13 – Anime Fans Give Back 2 Japan

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Diana, and Ami from Viz Media. Episode 13, “Anime Fans Give
Back 2 Japan.”

00:00 Introduction
01:28 “The Cosplayer’s Guide to Cosplay”
03:39 How We Got into Cosplay
06:38 Likes about Cosplay & Strange Experiences
14:07 Explaining Cosplay
17:01 How to Not Weird People Out
22:53 Cosplay by Looks?
27:27 Advice for Someone Starting Out
30:40 Last Words
32:14 Business Time

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Shonen Jump Alpha – 3/19/2012

Shonen Jump Alpha 3/19/2012

Yes, we know how much you love meat, Luffy. Glad to have One Piece back in the issue ALONG WITH!… An interview with Oda! Hurrah!

One Piece 685

The Biscuits Room – Well, even though Perona found Kumacy, doesn’t do much now that he doesn’t have a shadow in him. And already the cover stories are at Thriller Bark? It has been a long time, but it seems like we’re going so fast. Getting a better view of the children, Sanji points out that they’re all different sizes. And now we know who Samurai Head is looking for, Momonosuke. I’m sure if I were young, and saw a cyborg like Franky, I’d be in awe, too. Unexpectedly, I never would have guessed that the children would want to be saved. Some great character moments for both Nami and Sanji (sort of, since he dislikes the kids for being able to sway Nami). Brook makes his triumphant reappearance (well, off-screen triumph). Looks like the other half of the Straw-hat crew are going to meet up. Let’s hope that they can solve this mystery together, like in Skypiea. What’s with those other man-animal hybrids? A man-leopard and man-giraffe? And FINALLY! Confirmation of theories from a few weeks ago: Vegapunk’s involvement (island named “PUNK” and “HAZARD”) and the dual between Aokiji and Akainu. \o/

Toriko 178

Eco Seaweed!! – A fine reunion of friends and old characters, welcome back Gourmet Knights! Today’s side adventure for the Fortune Roll (remember that food?) takes us to Eco Land for the Eco Seaweed. Looks like sushi chef Monchy has a twin brother, Nonchy, mayor of Eco Land. It was pretty interesting and silly how they use gourmet foods for everyday items, like running water and electricity. I liked that there were multiple Solar Turtles, too. Kind of a meh chapter in terms of actual development. It’s beginning to feel like a real filler arc.

Naruto 576

Signposts – Looks like once again, Sasuke is chasing after Itachi. But instead of a fight, we get a verbal argument with questions from Sasuke. We see why Itachi did not kill him, along with why he tried to make Sasuke find him. Of course, things don’t go Itachi’s way. He doesn’t stop, even at Sasuke’s behest. Instead, he keeps charging to face Zombie Madara. Some new info to me, I didn’t realize that Tsunade is a descendant of the First Hokage. A few disparaging and sexist remarks aside, looks like we’ll get to see a Tsunade’s full determination and fighting strength come out…relatively soon.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 192

The Big Meeting – Title of the chapter is right, this is a really big meeting. Rikuo gathers many clans to his house, both friendly and opposing. His attempts to rally them together to face Nue are met with much disapproval. It’s a little fun seeing Rikuo argue with his yokai side every now and then. It’s not crazy if it’s a split personality that manifests itself once twilight sets in, right? Of course, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s the two yokai who look the most like humans that rally to join Rikuo. Though, he does present a much bigger offer with news of the Kyushu Ayakashi being the first victims of purification. Meanwhile, what’s this? Tsuchigumo is back? Well, hell yeah!

Bleach 483

Kreigs Erklärung – The intruders aren’t afraid of Yamamoto’s strength, which hopefully means they are able to back up their courage or arrogance when the inevitable fighting happens soon. Looks like the group Ebern is involved in somehow allows them to either nullify or destroy a soul reaper’s bankai. But of course Ichigo is able to overpower it. It’s the last arc, you think it would end here? We’re left with the name of the group being Vandenreich, a fallen Saskibe close to death, and an ominous warning that Soul Society will be annihilated in five days. As long as we don’t get some sort of BS hyperbolic time-chamber, color me very interested. Still wish the chapters didn’t feel so abrupt.

Bakuman 169

Voice and Response – Got to admit. Miho was really able to turn this predicament around. Granted, there will always be some sort of fanboy hostility. I was surprised by the last minute open Q&A, but the scenes where Saiko called in were really touching. Makes you just want to root for them, right? Of course, Miho’s manager’s flippant attitude toward the whole thing had me laughing while reading. Now with this out of the way, what’s next? The audition, or some other sort of problem to get the anime made?

Shonen Jump Alpha – 03/12/2012

SJA 03/12/2012

What a tease! Though Luffy is on the cover, there is NO ONE PIECE this week! Instead, we get a quick glimpse at the One Piece x Toriko crossover that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump last year. But if you are an Alpha subscriber, then you got a digital copy of this last week. Well, on to the impressions…

Naruto 575

A Will of Stone – Not going to lie. This week’s Naruto was a tough read for me at first. Second read-through made things much clearer. While the five Kages are indeed tough, it wouldn’t be that much of a match if they were able to take out Zombie Madara that easy. I felt that the Tsuchikage’s flashback was a little forced, but I never expected him to have a beam attack like that, especially with primarily having earth and rock elemental ninjitsu. The fusion of the First with Madara did surprise me, though. And are you ready for the Sasuke versus Itachi rematch?! (Not me)

Toriko 177

Durian Bomb – It’s another self-contained chapter. However, I kind of like these, mainly because I’m expecting something really big happening soon. We’re getting all these side-character cameos and mentions here and there. Most likely scenario, we aren’t going to be seeing some of our favorite side characters for a while once the Four Gourmet Kings finally enter the Gourmet World. But still, how many ingredients does this fortune roll really need? I guess I am getting a little antsy due to no real baddie for this in-betweener arc. But the smelliest of fruits known as the Durian Bomb did bring quite a few laughs. The face-faults for Toriko and Komatsu were hilarious! And hey, we even get a cameo from Zonge, who’s playing videogames.

Bleach 482

Bad Recognition – So, with shots of Ichigo leaving his body again, does this mean we’ll get to see Kon-Ichigo? It’s been a while. But we do get a reveal of Ebern’s abilities: unlike what I assumed, he’s a quincy?! And villagers in Soul Society abducting other villagers? Or maybe, they were forced to abduct them. Either way, it’s not a bad mystery setup in Bleach this week. Guess we’ll find out who those mysterious masked men are next week…maybe.

Bakuman 168

Correction and Declaration – RELATIONSHIPS ANNOUNCED! RELATIONSHIPS ANNOUNCED! That’s pretty much all you need to know… What, you want more? Fine. It was actually pretty funny how Fukuda was so resolute about his decision, but the moment Saiko and Azuki’s feelings about the situation get brought up, he turns into such a softie. And at least Azuki’s mom finally understands the parallels of her past relationship and her daughter’s current one. And that was a very touching speech by Azuki at the very end. Looking forward to the backlash of NERD RAGE next week. Well, if there is one.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 191

Rikuo Invites His Friends Over – All right. Back to Tokyo and the main house. And like the title of the chapter, Rikuo’s school friends finally come over after his reveal that he’s part yokai. Kind of similar to Toriko, it looks like we’ll be spending some time with the human side characters before they get left by the wayside for the fight against Nue (but in reality, a few if not all will probably tag along anyway). Tamazaki and the Demons of Shikoku showing up was a big surprise to me. Looks like Rikuo will begin to focus on building his 100 Demon Parade.


And that’s it for this week. Hope to see you at Wonder Con in Anaheim, CA!

Shonen Jump Alpha – 03/05/2012

Well check that out, two Bleach covers for Shonen Jump Alpha in a row! Well, with the anime ending (its current time slot; it’s moving to a new one) in Japan along with the manga entering its final arc PLUS news of an American produced live-action film, the Bleach property is the talk of the town.

Toriko 176

King Vinegar – A sushi chef that looks like a luchador? I love it! Kind of reminds me of some of my local sushi restaurants. Still tastes fantastic though. I did think it was too easy for them to just finish gathering the sushi ingredients, so luckily, they’re on another sidequest. That’s a lot of booze to consume, though. Most likely we won’t get to see their severe hangovers afterwards. And it’s always fun to see Jiro. I’m glad to see that Toriko is able to maintain a good balance of humor with mostly self-contained chapters and the adventure feeling in between the huge battles they get into. I felt like it was still too soon to get into the Gourmet World.

One Piece 657

Severed Head – Looks like Zambai’s gone from Franky Family chief to the head of his own dismantling and parts union. Some pretty funny antics between Luffy and that lower torso (let’s call him “Pooter” for now). We FINALLY get the reveal of the island also being half ice. So if you haven’t guessed the primary reason for this…well, then there’s no helping you. 😛 But your guess is as good as mine regarding that winged person. And looks like my thoughts were right from last week: if you paid attention to those captors, they never accounted for Brook. So, looks like once again he might be the one who rescues the captive Straw-hats. Except this time, they don’t really stay captive. Well, at least in their current holdings. But out of curiosity, how does Sanji know so much about the Wano Country? From the guy’s head layout though, we are still with 3 dominant thoughts as to how it happened: 1) Law is able to extend his ROOM ability effects even after he’s gone somehow, 2) Buggy has grown in his abilities, making him capable of splitting others, or 3) a new character. And with a room full of big children, the mysteries and excitement just keep on coming!

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 190

Purification – This week includes a color page from Nura, featuring Tsurara and Momoishi, whose hair circle dealies look even weirder to me in color. Haven’t seen Rikuo in his human form in a while, so it’s a good thing that they aren’t always keeping him in his badass yokai form. Taisei trying to commit suicide came out of left field for me, and that’s kind of dark for a shonen manga. We finally get to see Momoishi’s abilities: she’s an itako, or spirit medium. With possessings and purifications, it almost seems like an exorcism is in order. Kind of a dull setup chapter, but still enjoying the setup since our sidequest to get the Master Sword Nenekirimaru is complete. Oh, and might I add, Momoishi being possessed by the 13th Head is both creepy and hilarious at the same time.

Naruto 574

Eyes that See in the Dark – Ugh… Karin. Well, with Sasuke’s return last week, guess I should’ve expected the return of Hawk. Or are they back to Snake? Whatever. I felt that the Jugo/Suigetsu fight was a little forced, but the whole point of it was to just discover another of Orochimaru’s hidden rooms. Guess we’ll find out what that scroll contains sometime in the future. We see some more of Sasuke’s new (borrowed? stolen?) abilities with his new eyes. And it looks like it’ll be a rematch between the Uchiha brothers. I’ll just leave this here: Sasuke vs Itachi Comic.

Bleach 481

The Tearing – LOOK! MORE VISOREDS! Let’s hope they get featured some more in this last arc. I can’t really tell what’s going on with the cut that Hiyori is looking at. Is it healing? Warping somehow? Anyway, we don’t get that much time with that, because instead, let’s focus on RYUNOSUKE! For someone who was almost deathly injured, he sure stayed awake long enough to see Ichigo and his friends gather around to kick ass. Finally, that’s one confusing name: Asguiaro Ebern? Is that even a Spanish word?

Bakuman 167

Nonsense and a Word – Man, some VA idol fans are ruthless. Sad thing, too, this is probably a commentary on things that really happen in Japan. Try as they might, they just can’t seem to brush this under the rug. Even the anime producers are worried at the publicity this is getting. But then we get the best part. FUKUDA’S CRYING FACE! Oh man…was NOT expecting that. And looks like instead of podcasts, if an anime is popular enough, they get radio program blocks in Japan! Neat! Here’s hoping that Fukuda can rally the hearts and minds of his fans to help out his friends.