Episode 11 – Alpha & Bejitaballs

So have you gotten your digital manga on? On today’s episode, we have returning special guest Diana, along with Mike, who are both part of Bejitaballs Cosplay. We’ll go over the Shonen Jump Alpha launch party sponsored by Viz Media and AC Paradise, and the merits of actually subscribing to this wonderful service. Plus photos from the event itself, courtesy of Imari and Jason@i360’s galleries on AC Paradise. Then, Diana and Mike give us an in-depth look at their prep for Katsucon and the World Cosplay Summit competition. Lots of photos! Lots of cosplayers! And a whole lot of fun! Sorry about the mic change, but stick around til the very end for something fun. Episode 11 is a go! (and damn those helicopters)

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:55 Shonen Jump Alpha launches
00:04:15 The Wonders of Technology
00:09:21 Bonuses and Future Thinking
00:11:10 Party Party, Join Us Join Us
00:12:05 Reborn!
00:12:28 ACP Galleries and One Piece
00:13:10 Bakuman
00:13:33 Prizes and Food
00:14:47 Son Goku
00:15:16 Super Saiyan Goku
00:15:30 Kon (Wayne)
00:16:32 Naruto
00:16:45 Great Turnout
00:17:20 Luffy checks out SJA
00:18:25 Misaki (as the alpha symbol)
00:20:05 Nura Rikuo
00:21:25 Chopper Backpack
00:23:13 Bejitaballs and World Cosplay Summit
00:25:59 Differences from a Convention Masquerade
00:29:23 Previous Years’ Competition
00:31:55 Competitive Spirit
00:35:21 Gains Beyond the Competition
00:37:04 Appreciation for the Other Teams
00:38:28 Business Time

Diana (binkx) on AC Paradise – http://www.acparadise.com/loves/binkx
Mike (badman) on AC Experience – http://www.acparadise.com/ace/display.php?a=81197
Bejitaballs in WCS Prelims – http://on.fb.me/yKRvhH
Shonen Jump Alpha Launch Gallery on Facebook – http://on.fb.me/xxDdB9

And a special thank you to @StrawHatPirate9 (on Twitter) for keeping me sane during the launch event along with taking photos. All photos provided by Imari & Jason@i360 courtesy of AC Paradise and Viz Media.


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  1. Strawhatpirate9 says:

    Great episode you guys loved all the pics. The Shonen Jump Alpha launch party was a blast and the Library was super cool, best I’ve ever been too. Not Only was getting a look at Alpha awesome but the prizes and the food, those chocolate alpha cakes yum X3, and the cosplayer were great too ^_~. I’m really glad I got to hang out you guys. Gook luck to Diana and Mike at WCS. Until your next episode ^_^.

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