Episode 10 – Start the Year with ALA

Welcome to our Anime Los Angeles recap episode. It’s out first
convention of the year, yet some consider it the last episode
of their convention season. Come listen to our stories about
the con including our first ever hosted panel (with thanks to
cosplayer Binkx and Jammer from the Animanga Podcast), making
fun of Aaron’s photography skills and Dennis’ skin tone,
general convention thoughts, and of course, the return of the
food talk. And if you missed them, our cosplay pictures are
back on the podcast again. Also, apologies for all the talk
about Francis’ cleavage. We’re sure those Inception sounds
aren’t just in your dreams. And watch out for that spider!
Episode 10 is a go.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Francis on Artist Alley
03:05 Costume Exhibit in Disarray
05:10 One Piece Fan Panel
07:14 ALA Growth & Parties
10:58 Yup, We’re Talking about Food Again
12:40 Why Shuttles Won’t Work
14:08 Jen’s Art Jam Experience
15:42 Final Thoughts on ALA
21:02 Fake Zoro & Timeskip Zoro
22:26 Keiji Maeda from Sengoku Basara
24:53 Darkstalkers
26:30 Fairy Tail
28:14 L.A. Kings Lolita Dress
29:55 Warhammer 40k
31:22 Madoka Group & Kyube Bench
32:40 Keith & Jen’s One Piece Bench
34:11 Goron & Midna from Legend of Zelda
35:51 Rehab Sanji
37:42 Armor Luffy from Thriller Bark Arc
40:43 Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure
42:20 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
43:41 Green Lantern Group
46:20 Business Time

And be on the lookout for a brand new segment next week.


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