Episode 07 – From Small Beginnings

Holy crap, it’s been over a month since the last episode! Sorry to keep you waiting, but the holidays are indeed a busy time. That’s why we lined up THREE, count ’em, THREE episodes for you for the rest of the month, starting with episode 07! This three-parter will pretty much be our group’s origin story. Now, I must warn you that we did get a little…tipsy during this recording, which would explain some of the background noise. Okay, a lot of the background noise. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

00:00 Intro
01:25 Let’s go around the room
03:25 What happened at AX ’07?
09:44 Bringing everyone together
12:51 Francis’ terrible time
14:47 First One Piece Cosplay Gathering
22:09 Ko and Jen’s experiences
24:17 Keith’s Zoro
27:23 Hotel motel
30:27 Nisei Week ’07
36:05 Keep in touch
41:12 Business Time

And as a reminder, we’ll be hosting a One Piece Fan Panel at Anime Los Angeles, Saturday, January 7 at 4 pm in Live Programming 4. The actual room location will be posted once we get that information. And fellow SK member Francis will be selling his leather goods at ALA Artist Alley. Be sure to check it out, especially if you like steampunk stuff.


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  1. Strawhatpirate9 says:

    Freaking best episode yet! 07 was the BEST AX! It was when I started getting into one piece and also the one that I prepared for like Crazy I watched every episode to date at the time during my summer break so it was like 300 something it was great! It was also where I got my sketch of Luffy it is my most prized possession. I probably saw all of you guys there and never even realized it haha.

    OMG Keith I have a picture that I took of you as Zoro with the bandana and everything XD! Cool ^_^. Listening to you all walk down memory lane made me walk down memory lane too totally enjoyed that, you guys are such silly drunks lol. I really REALLY hope I’ll be able to make it to Anime LA, if I do I will be going in my timeskip Camie outfit for sure ^_^. I hope the next episode comes out really soon ^_~!

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