Episode 5 – All the Small Things

They say that the little things in life matter. The same can be applied to cosplay. While Dennis says something really mean, we generally are real nitpicky about our own cosplay. With the most popular characters being the most common cosplays, it’s all about the details that set everyone apart. This episode is a little shorter and uses different software to produce, so let us know if it works okay with your audio player. This episode also marks the debut of SK member Judy being on the podcast. And while we are not attending, we hope everyone has a blast at New York Comic Con/New York Animefest. STAAAAY SUUPAA!

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:11 Indy, aka Dennis has OCD
  • 04:30 Jesus Burgess, Aaron’s 1st Cosplay
  • 08:17 Complications of Classic Usopp
  • 14:10 Pirate King Luffy (a repeat)
  • 15:34 Hiruma’s Hair and Teeth
  • 19:41 Judy Ponders
  • 20:42 Mihawk Coat
  • 22:55 Flexibility Isn’t Good Radio
  • 24:25 Marine group
  • 29:09 Keith’s Akainu
  • 30:10 Dennis’ Akainu
  • 30:57 Red-Haired Pirates and Scar Detail
  • 34:05 Fushigi Yuugi Nuriko
  • 37:05 Rigid Collodian
  • 39:55 Til Next Time!

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  1. Strawhatpirate9 says:

    Loved this episode guys, it was great seeing some of your first cosplays especially loved the Mihawk one hand painted that is amazing! Totally enjoyed the info on the marine cosplay. This was a very fun episode to listen to ^_^.

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