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Episode 4 – Rock the Dragon*Con

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean cosplay and conventions stop! Join Suupaa Kaizoku with our first, very special guest Diana (binkx from AC Paradise)! Today’s episode recalls our antics at Dragon*Con–what we liked, what we didn’t, all the amazing cosplay, and how Dennis completely failed at this convention. How? Well, you’ll have to listen. If you went to D*C, hope you had as much fun as we did. And if you didn’t go, hope that this gives you some incentive to go. Enjoy episode 4, Rock the Dragon*Con.

  • Introduction with a Guest! 00:00:00
  • Dragon*Con 00:00:50
  • D*C from 2 years ago 00:02:18
  • Stories & Namedrops 00:04:50
  • Out-there Cosplay 00:09:37
  • Bad Masquerade 00:11:54
  • Freezepop & Baby Shaker 00:15:54
  • Where we talk about food 00:17:55
  • Special Thanks 00:21:32
  • Dennis fails at D*C 00:24:10
  • Cosplay Pics pt 1: The Customs 00:25:30
  • Cosplay Pics pt 2: Kid Stuff, Sweets, & Marvel Heroes 00:39:03
  • Cosplay Pics pt 3: Something Famous 00:51:25
  • Til Next Time! 01:05:40
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