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Episode 3 – 2nd Gen Closet

You’re listening to the often delayed episode 3 of the Cosplay Jam “2nd Gen Closet.” With real life taking the reigns over podcasting, our audio quality suffered a bit due to a new attempt at recording. But at least the pictures look much better! We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane with Nisei Week from Little Tokyo a few weeks back. And adding to that, we have our first ever normal segment, Cosplay Advice. This episode goes over an intro to using what you have, or what you can easily purchase at a thrift store or general department store at a low cost…at least til the end. Don’t forget to Like us on and follow us at For those heading to Dragon*Con on Labor Day weekend, have a safe trip and hope to see you there!


Update 6/6/2012–
We’ve been notified that there was a problem with this episode. It’s been reuploaded and hopefully fixed.


Episode 2 – The Goliath Known as Comic Con

Here we go! Welcome to Episode 02 of the Cosplay Jam, “The Goliath Known as Comic Con.” As you can guess the topic of today’s episode, not only will there be cosplay photos, but panels, and stories as well! For more photos, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for the galleries. Enjoy!

SK members on the podcast: Dennis, Kate, Aaron, Keith, and Francis

*spoiler* This episode can be considered PG-13 due to  vulgar word

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