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Episode 1 – Anime Expo Recap

Welcome everyone to the first ever episode of Cosplay Jam, hosted by Suupaa Kaizoku Cosplay. On a majority of the episodes, we’ll go over some cosplay tips and tutorials for both beginners and intermediate cosplayers, while also talking about some of our upcoming projects.

However, with the summer convention season in full swing, we thought we’d make our inaugural episode about the recent Anime Expo 2011. Join us for a look back at the general convention experience along with some of our favorite cosplay photos we took. Remember, this is an enhanced podcast, so if you download this, make sure your portable media player can play it. At the moment, this episode is not available in MP3 format. Enjoy!



Special thanks to StrawHatPirate9 on Twitter. Apologies for getting the name wrong on the episode. 😡


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